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  1. Need help w/ pricing

    Lots of interest, no buyers yet.
  2. Breaking down tank livestock sale in Washington

    As I suspected, selling it all piece by piece is a huge time sink. I've changed my mind and am going to stick to my original plan of package deal or nothing. Sorry.
  3. Breaking down tank livestock sale in Washington

    Thanks Teflon. We're chatting on ReefFrontiers, a local forum.
  4. I haven't found any buyers for my fully loaded Solana so I'm going to start parting it out starting with the livestock first: ■ Frogspawn octopus coral (several heads) - $50 ■ Purple / green hammer coral (several heads) - $50 ■ Red cynarina button coral (large) - $60 ■ Large piece of corraline encrusted live rock with bird of paradise, grape montipora, and a cool encrusting purple coral with neon blue spots - $150 ■ Yellow scroll coral (size of a dollar bill) - $50 ■ Candycane coral (9 heads) - $60 ■ Ricordia (several orange and green) - $40 for all of them ■ A pair (male/female) of really nice clown fish - $50 ■ Purple firefish, nice large - $25 ■ Royal gramma - $25 Here's a link to some slightly better pictures. http://sdrv.ms/X2oCIb The livestock is located in Duvall, Washington. Local pick-up only for now.
  5. Need help w/ pricing

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll post there.
  6. Need help w/ pricing

    Yeah, it's a good deal. I think someone will snatch it up at some point. Love the AIO design.
  7. Need help w/ pricing

    I updated the ad to include some of the livestock included.
  8. Need help w/ pricing

    Exactly Reef, you nailed it. I'd love to avoid the headache associated with selling all the pieces individually. I also like the idea of all my hard work staying in tact and seeing what someone else can do starting where I left off. I'm finding the local clubs and will start posting there as well. An earlier poster pointed out a couple of places to start. Aaron
  9. Need help w/ pricing

    Thanks for the tips guys! I put up a craigslist ad this evening and have had a couple of calls with people seeming to be pretty interested. Apparently there are people out there who want a nice fully stocked system without having to piece something together. We'll see how it goes. Money talks. Here's a picture of the tank w/ stand and fixture taken a few minutes ago.
  10. Need help w/ pricing

    Hey Mark, Assuming you're talking about the coral on the far left side of the tank, it's a Fox coral. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=597+321+467&pcatid=467 They're pretty. Aaron
  11. Need help w/ pricing

    Thanks Reef! I had already posted on Reef Frontiers before posting here but I didn't know about the other site you mentioned. I'll post there as well! Got you on the doser. I love it. It's a good one.
  12. Need help w/ pricing

    Thanks for the responses guys. Scribbles - So you're saying used stuff tends to go for 1/5 the new price? I would have guessed it'd be closer to 1/2. 1Fish - I'm in the Seattle area. There's no rush so I can wait for a reasonable offer. Thanks for the insight. Somewhere in the middle sounds good. To everyone PM'ing me about individual pieces, thanks for the offers. As mentioned, I really want to try to sell the whole package rather than sell it off piece by piece. The fact that I have a bunch of nice corals and fish in the tank that won't survive on half a system is part of the reason. Please hold off on making offers on individual components. Thanks, Aaron
  13. Need help w/ pricing

    Hey everyone, My increasingly busy life has me considering selling my Solana and the equipment associated with it. I know I could get a better deal parting out the system but I'm not interested in doing that now. Here's what's included in equipment: ■Solana 34 cube w/ saphire glass and espresso colored wood solana stand ■US Current Disco Ball 150w metal halide fixture and ballast ■Teco TR-5 Chiller ■Vortech MP10 ■Tunze 9002 skimmer w/ Custom In-Tank cup ■Kamoer triple dosing pump with BRS bottles and supplies ■Ebo jager heater ■Level detecting water auto top off system ■Filter guys 5 stage RO/DI system w/ 50 gallon food quality water tank ■Misc test kits including refractometer and electronic hannah phosphate tester Here's the livestock: ■Some very porous a coralline encrusted live rock full of critters ■Frogspawn octopus coral (several heads) ■Purple / green hammer coral (several heads) ■Red cynarina button coral (large) ■Zoas -- three different kinds ■Bird of paradise (pretty big, two fist size) ■Yellow scroll coral (size of a dollar bill) ■Grape montipora ■Candy cane coral (9 heads) ■Ricordia (several orange and green) ■A pair (male/female) of really nice clown fish ■Purple firefish, nice large ■Royal gramma ■Snails, crabs, shrimp clean-up crew This is a completely turn key tank. Drain the water, move, and fill and you've got an awesome reef that could make tank of the month with a little love and care. I have over $1500 in equipement and probably $500 - $750 in critters. I'll let the whole package go for $800. That's a killer deal. Please do NOT make any rediculous low ball offers. Local pick-up only. If you have any questions, let me know.
  14. Apex Jr FS

    Is it new in the box or used? Thanks!
  15. For Sale: Ati Sunpwer 8X24W

    ifarmer, what are the dimensions of this thing? I'm trying to figure out how well it'd fit over my 20" x 20" x 20" Solana.