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  1. This is gonna be one sexy tank I already know it! oh btw you should fly out to colorado for the incubus/deftones concert at red rocks. It's gonna be epic!!!!
  2. Money sign on its side means extra expensive lol. That's awesome!!!
  3. Hows it going celebrity!? I saw you on community! That was pretty awesome. Not sure if you added shipping rates to any of your posts but i was wondering what shipping to 80233 would be.
  4. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Hey Hype hows everything been? It's been a while since I've been on NR but everytime I pop in I check out your thread. Absolutely beautiful tank man, I love it. You have an uncanny ability to bring out the natural beauty in all of your tank inhabitants. I have a question for you. I just recently added a Hawaiian feather duster to my tank and It has been doing great up until this morning when I realized the worms "feathers" were in my powerhead. Is this a normal ocurrence Kind of like a shrimp molting? Haven't Had a feather duster in years and can't remember that ever happening in the past. Thanks for any help man.
  5. How many ppl go topless on their IM fusion tanks?

    I hate having a top on my tank so I run it topless. Everything is better topless....
  6. Which skimmer do you recommend?

    anyone have any oppinions on the cadlights pls-50?
  7. Which skimmer do you recommend?

    sorry should have mentioned this is an aio tank. No sump for a skimmer so It has to be something that will fit in the rear chamber.
  8. I haven't posted in a while but its time for me to upgrade my skimmer. I have been using an innovative marine ghost skimmer and I am not really that happy with it. What skimmers do you guys use and recommend? My tank is the innovative marine 40 gallon fusion. I am planning on starting to carbon dose so I need a skimmer that is able to pull out all the nasty stuff. Thanks for any help.
  9. Clam ID

    It's gotta be a squamosa or maxima. The mantle doesnt match a derasa at all.
  10. My Flower Box

    yeah my whole colony is nice and fluffy. It stayed that way through my tank crash when all the other corals were dying and looking horrible. Must be doing something right, at least for the cyphastrea lol.
  11. Nano Box Reef HUGE Announcement

    Congrats man!!! I'm excited to see the goodness you bring with you to reefstock this weekend!!
  12. My Flower Box

    The meteor shower in my tank looks just like that. I don't know what the secret is but its definitely one of my favorite corals in the tank!
  13. My Flower Box

    It's been a very long time since ive posted. I kind of took a hiatus for a while but im back. I need to start a thread for my tank. it went through a crash that I'm just now getting back in line so the tank looks a little empty since I lost most of my corals.
  14. My Flower Box

    Tank looks great Gena! I've been throwing around the idea of setting up a 3 gallon pico again. I'd probably just end up upgrading to a bigger nano like you did haha.
  15. I'm having the same issue with my ghost skimmer.