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  1. I absolutely love this picture!
  2. Damn I love this tank! Everything looks amazing under your T5's
  3. Send me your mystery wrasse please. K thanks
  4. awesome!
  5. The leds are good its the taking pictures thats the problem lol.
  6. I know it looks bleached but its not. My leds wash out the color pretty bad.
  7. so bad ass!
  8. That plate is awesome! I love plates and this one is pretty sweet, cool pic!
  9. OMG those are amazing! I want one!!!!
  10. sweet picture!
  11. I wish theses didnt melt so easily. this is an awesome pic.
  12. That looks awesome! Im thinking about doing the same setup for my 120
  13. whats your secret to your bta's having bubbles?
  14. I have some blue leg micro hermits but these are much cooler. what kind are they?