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  1. Innovative Marine 38 Gallon Complete Setup

    My offer still stands on the 57 deep blue RR trade For the IM38 if interested. I'm in jersey and can meet. My offer still stands on the 57 deep blue RR trade For the IM38 if interested. I'm in jersey and can meet.
  2. PicO Aquariums

    Just ordered a Barrcuda (cant wait to get it) and was wondering if the 1st or 2nd chamber would be ok for mangroves? Was think of putting a few in but not sure how I would secure them. Thanks
  3. Deep Blue Aquariums

    Yeah, that is what mine LFS was selling for. Got the 57 rimless for $350 tank and stand
  4. Deep Blue Aquariums

    My local LFS had the same tank onsale w/stand, nice tank. I went with the 57 rimless...very nice tank!!! SOme people have complained about the overflow but mine is DEAD SILENT, and I am not just saying that. The only thing I hear from the tank is the skimmer (octopus 4). I am happy I got it!!!
  5. Driftys' Nuvo8 AIO

    Good way to keep you motivated to get the move done!!! Nice acans!!
  6. Tank Transfer

    Only my 2-cents: I have moved twice, from a BC29 --> 40br --> 57 rimless Both moves i did the fllowing: New water, new sand, added some new dry rock. I let run for atleast 24 hrs so the water can stabilize and mix well. Move live rock from previous system over, ditch sand, then promptly.... Move livestock right into new tank, no acclimation!!! I did use ~20 gallons from the 40br in the 57 gallons move Not saying the acclimation part is the right thing to do, but as long as temp/salinity were the same you should be ok. I havent lost anything during both moves. Hope this helps
  7. Driftys' Nuvo8 AIO

    Thanks!! No real updates....everything is doing well. Added a ywg/pistol pair. Been trying to add some nice zoas to this as muc has I can, so far have: Sunny D's AOG LotR Eye of Rah Spidermans Jokers 3 Maxi-mini's Here are a jew pics:
  8. SaNChEz's New 8g. Innovative Marine

    Yeah, this tank is heavy in zoas. Just got some Sunny D's......so nice.
  9. SaNChEz's New 8g. Innovative Marine

    Thanks, I was going for a central "pillar" with some ledges for whatever I decide to put in there. I think it came out pretty good. Here are a couple more pics:
  10. SaNChEz's New 8g. Innovative Marine

    No, it was a rapidLED DIY 3w/3b. I use the light the tank came with as a fuge light for by 57 rimless!
  11. YWG Acclimation To New Tank

    Yeah, mine kept swimming in front of the surfae skimmer and got stuck to it a few times. but I think he figured out it was a bad idea after a few times
  12. YWG Acclimation To New Tank

    Mine did the same for a while, watch if he gets too close to the return on the 8 gallon Nuvo. Mine kept getting sucked to the return. I just turned it off for a an hour or 2 while he settled in. One he found the pistol shrimp he was right at home in his little burrow.....
  13. SaNChEz's New 8g. Innovative Marine

    Forgot to attach Pics!! I have had one setup for a a month or too....I got the white one. Very nice. I through a pic up I have a purple psuedo and a YWG/pistol pair.