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  1. shrimpo

    Shrimpo's 75 gallon shallow tank

    If I have another taller tank I will definitely get a dwarf angel, right now I have 2x Clownfish, 2x Pajama Cardinals, 1x Springery Dottyback, 1x Royal Gramma basslet and 1x Firefish Dartfish. The Fleabag was just helping check the level of the tank :)
  2. shrimpo

    Reef Cleaners

    I had great experience ordering from Reef Cleaners, critters came in on time and in good shape, Thanks John.
  3. shrimpo

    Shrimpo's 75 gallon shallow tank

    I want to keep variety of critters but not sure if they will get along, is there any fish, invertebrates compatibility chart you recommend? This is what I would like to keep in this tank: Macro algae, seahorses, Yasha goby/ pistol shrimp, dragonet, red fire shrimp, clown fish pair & RBTA.
  4. shrimpo

    Shrimpo's 75 gallon shallow tank

    Added 80 lbs Caribbean sand and about 60 lbs mix of live rock and dry rock.
  5. shrimpo

    Shrimpo's 75 gallon shallow tank

    Plumbings almost done.
  6. Coming back to the hobby after long break, I got this frag tank that I want to turn into reef critters tank. Tank Dimensions: 60" x 24" x 12" starphire glass. Eshopps sump RS300. 80 lbs Caribbean sand. Aquaticlife led lights. 60 lbs live/dry rock mix.
  7. shrimpo

    Need advise and recommendation

    Great, I am going after 75 gallon tank, will keep you updated.
  8. shrimpo

    Need advise and recommendation

    Hello fellow reefers, I don't know how I got back to the hobby after a long time but I am here now and need advise. What would you suggest, All In One tank or one that is drilled at the bottom with sump inside the stand? I want to get a reef tank between 60 and 100 gallons.
  9. shrimpo

    Miniature Zoas garden.

    Tank picture under DIY led light (3x12k and 3xblue). I don't know how to take good picture, I used macro option, the tank looks much better than that.
  10. shrimpo

    Miniature Zoas garden.

    I ordered DIY led kit instead, I will keep you updated when it arrives. I want to replace the 7.5 watt heater that I have right now (pre-set temperature) with adjustable one, the smallest I can find is 10 watt adjustable heater Visi-therm by Marineland, it is rated for up to 3 gallon. do you think this will work fine in1 gallon tank or is it too much watts? is there any 7.5watt heaters that can be adjusted?
  11. I was looking into that also, great and simple idea but I already have the other one that can be installed inside the tank, hatch N feed is what it called I believe. that is why I was looking for decapsulated eggs to avoid the mess.
  12. I want to buy decapsulated brine shrimp eggs that can be hatched to feed dwarf seahorse.
  13. shrimpo

    Miniature Zoas garden.

    I would like to use Led light, how many watts to use for this tank? does Par 30 come in different watt rating?