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  1. If I have another taller tank I will definitely get a dwarf angel, right now I have 2x Clownfish, 2x Pajama Cardinals, 1x Springery Dottyback, 1x Royal Gramma basslet and 1x Firefish Dartfish. The Fleabag was just helping check the level of the tank :)
  2. I had great experience ordering from Reef Cleaners, critters came in on time and in good shape, Thanks John.
  3. I want to keep variety of critters but not sure if they will get along, is there any fish, invertebrates compatibility chart you recommend? This is what I would like to keep in this tank: Macro algae, seahorses, Yasha goby/ pistol shrimp, dragonet, red fire shrimp, clown fish pair & RBTA.
  4. Added 80 lbs Caribbean sand and about 60 lbs mix of live rock and dry rock.
  5. Coming back to the hobby after long break, I got this frag tank that I want to turn into reef critters tank. Tank Dimensions: 60" x 24" x 12" starphire glass. Eshopps sump RS300. 80 lbs Caribbean sand. Aquaticlife led lights. 60 lbs live/dry rock mix.
  6. Great, I am going after 75 gallon tank, will keep you updated.
  7. Hello fellow reefers, I don't know how I got back to the hobby after a long time but I am here now and need advise. What would you suggest, All In One tank or one that is drilled at the bottom with sump inside the stand? I want to get a reef tank between 60 and 100 gallons.
  8. Tank picture under DIY led light (3x12k and 3xblue). I don't know how to take good picture, I used macro option, the tank looks much better than that.
  9. I ordered DIY led kit instead, I will keep you updated when it arrives. I want to replace the 7.5 watt heater that I have right now (pre-set temperature) with adjustable one, the smallest I can find is 10 watt adjustable heater Visi-therm by Marineland, it is rated for up to 3 gallon. do you think this will work fine in1 gallon tank or is it too much watts? is there any 7.5watt heaters that can be adjusted?
  10. I was looking into that also, great and simple idea but I already have the other one that can be installed inside the tank, hatch N feed is what it called I believe. that is why I was looking for decapsulated eggs to avoid the mess.
  11. I want to buy decapsulated brine shrimp eggs that can be hatched to feed dwarf seahorse.
  12. I would like to use Led light, how many watts to use for this tank? does Par 30 come in different watt rating?