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  1. Aiptasia Invasion

    I would buy Berghia (=Aeolidiella) nudibranchs. My suggestion would be to breed them first. Get a culture of Aiptasia going in a plastic tub with a heater, light, and airstone and then add nudis. After a while they should start laying eggs. The eggs will hatch into free swimming veliger larvae and settle on the bottom within the week. After a while you will notice that you have many more small nudibranchs running around. I would introduce the new nudis once they get to about 1/2" or so to be able to fight currents. Nudibranchs incorporate the nematocysts (stinging parts of anemones and corals) into their cerata (branch-like body parts on back of animal) and will become quite distasteful to fish if the nudibranch and fish are well fed. I would also Aiptasia-X large Aiptasia to reduce production whenever possible. I would not get peppermint shrimp; any of the so called peppermint shrimp species complex can develop a taste for corals, zoanthids, etc. and I'm sure you wouldn't like that.
  2. Is this majano?

    True anemones = Order Actiniaria "Mushrooms" = Order Corallimorpharia see this topic for a taxonomy lesson by me. And by the way it is manjano (full scientific name is Anemonia manjano) OP: looks like a corallimorpharian (shroom or ricordia) perhaps a soft coral, let it grow and see what happens, if it starts to grow exponentially kill it if you want it gone, no harm yet.
  3. Just sitting around

    Bleached nem?
  4. Peek-a-Boo

    Tell me more about this "hiding in a hole" you mentioned.
  5. Peoples crazy used equipment pricing

    Don't buy it if you don't like the price. If it is too high no one will buy it.
  6. {insert-user}+{insert-tank} = topic_title

    Too much talk, not enough water.
  7. urchins?

    Tuxedos get 3"+ in diameter, they are appropriate when they are small, but shouldn't be kept in there past 1.5". You will not see a well-fed (healthy) tuxedo as they are nocturnal. If it is out you have too large of a CUC. They also don't eat all the different species of algae you may want it to get rid of. I would go with a combination of snails for a 20L. It doesn't take many snails to keep a tank clean. I have a 2.5" red tuxedo in my 57 and probably could get away with one more small one maybe. There is a guide somewhere on here for sea urchins. Search within the inverts forum.
  8. a red trochus?

  9. I'm the king of the world!

    Acro looks pissed, nice pic
  10. Clowns Hosting

    Holy bleached BTA!
  11. {insert-user}+{insert-tank} = topic_title

    Where does the lady go?
  12. Just a peek

    I think you need a little more coralline algae.
  13. Live fish from Petco.com

    liveaquaria.com for fish and reefcleaners.org for snails and junk, IPSF also has good CUC stuff, particularly detritivores, but is more expensive.
  14. Anemone Shrimp Eating Anemone

    Most anemoneshrimp are parasitic (i.e. they benefit at hosts detriment). I don't suggest keeping an anemoneshrimp with an anemone in a closed system. Go with an anemonefish or anemonecrab.