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  1. Bleached nem?
  2. Tell me more about this "hiding in a hole" you mentioned.
  3. No
  4. Acro looks pissed, nice pic
  5. Holy bleached BTA!
  6. I think you need a little more coralline algae.
  7. Its just a color variant, nothing to worry about.
  8. I would donate them to a museum for science and display, beautiful little things.
  9. Didn't know this was the contest lol, forget it.
  10. Not an issue unless it is outside your tank
  11. Lie

    ^ Some how I missed this. The most EPIC of EPIC!
  12. Lie

  13. To both, good to know and I'm glad to hear there won't be any issues. There are animals that through chronic inbreeding (always have had a small population and therefore are always slightly inbreeding) are more resistant to genetic diseases, but I still caution against breeding too far down a line. Bringing in fresh wild animals every few generations will go further in strengthening your line as well as giving you more of a chance of getting some strange novel strain.
  14. Don't you think you should broaden the gene pool? Going to make a bunch of weak fish if you breed siblings over and over.
  15. Nice pot!