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  1. So my LFS has a Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish (Plectranthias inermis) I can't decide if he would be suitable for the pico reef. Max size is 2" would obviously be the only fish along with one other hermit crab, just would like some other input before I go back and buy him. Thanks guys
  2. If it were me I would forgo the Phosphate RX and just do the water changes. Why add unnecessary chemicals to your tank if you can lower it through water-changes. You could just do 50% water-changes every week for a month and then go back to your regular routine. Good things take time, bad things happen fast.
  3. Also running an AC50 only time it's noisy is when I turn the flow all the way down. Awesome setup BTW loving the arch aquascape 👍
  4. Aahhh the Team Budget is for the Pico Contest 😂
  5. Well I can't help but mess with my tanks, decided to forgo the two smaller rocks for 1. Also went to one of my LFS and told them about the contest and they gave me a piece of rock covered in coralline algae for F R E E
  6. I guess people don't want MP10's anymore 🤔
  7. I have a rimmed 29g as my primary, was in a IM Lagoon 25 but glass clarity isn’t that far off IMO
  8. First fish I ever kept and loved it. But yes they will chase everything, try and fight you when you put your hand in the tank, harass other fish and shrimp. I never had a problem with them doing anything to corals though.
  9. Very nice setup! I have a $75 budget as well from the Mrs 👍
  10. AI Prime HD was used for 4 months has the metal bracket arm. MP10 run at 50% bought used on here, I believe it's a 2016 model I'm not really sure, I've had it for 6 months. EDIT Found the original thread, pump was 3 years old as of 08/18 so it’s a late 2015 Model. That being the case and the fact I don’t want to go to the post office twice I dropped $25 off the price🤙🏻 AI Prime HD $OLD- shipped and paypal'd to the lower 48 states MP10 $OLD- shipped and paypal'd to the lower 48 states
  11. Well right now it’s just curing the live rock, here in May it’ll get freshwater, plants, shrimp and maybe some tetras. The saltwater tub is kind of a short term experiment.
  12. Holy picture dump...so I retrofitted the Finnex Ray2 10k/Actinic Led into the fixture. I had filled it with water from the water-change I did from my 29g to get it running, made a fresh batch of saltwater with Fritz RPM and water I buy from work. Did a water-change this morning, added rock from my outdoor tub(yes it's very cold water, yes it cycled, yes they turned green really fast in the sunlight). Added Chemipure Blue Nano(change monthly), Purigen(shouldn't have to change ever), new filter floss(change weekly), and two marine pureblocks to the AC50. Dosed 3ml of BioSpira. Now I gotta figure out what to put in it 🤔One side note: The Mrs said I could only spend $75 on this tank, she didn't say anything about my other tank....so I could steal all the frags from the other tank and just buy more stuff for that one 😂
  13. Oh just some ghost shrimp, I do a outdoor summer tub every year and he caught the shrimp out of there and then put them in the cube. He only wanted one plant too 😂
  14. Here’s the cube as requested, it’s actually my 9yo tank and he picked what he wanted in it
  15. I love that UN tank, I have a UN 1gal "planted" cube with shrimp.
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