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  1. That is awesome,they are clearly enjoying it. I couldn't get mine to stay rainbowy under high light. The lower light they got the better they looked.
  2. Man things are filling in nicely. Do you know how much par your Acan's are getting ?
  3. Wow,this is awesome. Nothing great happens like this in Florida lol. Id love to take the light and ato -___-
  4. Man that stinks about the mushroom,is it glued down or maybe you can take it out ans dip it ?! How are the sps doing with the AquaKnight light ?
  5. Pics or it didn't happen 🧐
  6. I used RSCP salt on my .9 g,2g,7g,2g again never has a bad batch until the last batch of salt I ever bought. Param's were kept high enough with the salt I never had to dose much. Alk was always high though,so when I set up my tank,I will use the regular salt. They say mixing normal red sea and coral pro it can keep alk lower.
  7. I can agree with that. Every single tank of mine has been different with how long it takes before things level out and things settle in and be happy. The 2g was started with live rock from TSA main tank and I somehow waited over a month before I really loaded it up with frags. There is 1,001 ways to run a reef and none of them are 110% right but I feel like a lot of people shock the minimal amount of beneficial bacteria off rip by cramming such small tanks full of stuff and running into issues from day 1 and a system never runs good. That's my opinion of it which is completely different from just about everyone's.
  8. It was awhile,the tank started with just Zoa's and Acan's then after about 3-4 months I tried sps,they took off so I eventually leaned towards all sps. So all in all,a few months. They were also getting blasted with high par,good spectrum and I was using a good salt.
  9. More: Red Robin: Pink Mille Monti: Various Acro's:
  10. When things are stable Acro's will be happy as can be,these are from my 2g cube that ran for about a year with about 22 different Acro's,Mille,Monti's: Sunset Mille: Purple Horrida: PC Rainbow Orange Mille & Blue/Pink Mille: Rainbow Mille: The light I was using:
  11. In a nutshell,yes. You shoukdn't have to rely on too much more.
  12. I have positive things to say on the occasion. I do not say this often,but this tank will be TOTM within the year if it stays running.
  13. Is there a way I can sign up by email ? I have tried numerous time over the years to do it and no matter what setting I change or whatever it says "Service Access Denied"...😡
  14. Coming from keeping Acro's in a pico tank,numerous times I feel like using a good salt is going to be one good factor. IF you are using a good quality salt and doing regular water changes and testing on a regular basis that will definitely help with keeping things as stable as possible for the SPS. Being such a small volume of water anything and everything with impact the water even to the smallest extent. Making drastic changes,or big changes will impact the system which will in turn more than likely cause changes to the happiness of the SPS. I'm sure you may already know this,but hey what is wrong with hearing it again lol ? Want to know some things I learned over the years ? - STABILITY,STABILITY,STABILITY. -Staying on track with WC's and testing. -DO NOT OVER FEED OR DOSE. -Keep your hands out of the tank as much as possible. -Good quality salt. -Making small subtle changes,nothing to fast and drastic. BulkReefSupply has some awesome and very informative video series that I think will benefit you and help you answer some of the questions you may have. Like Tam said,some nutrients is good for the sps but in such a small volume of water,keeping those level stable and within range is pretty hard. I would have to feed such a small amount,if I was to dose more than normal I would have to test next day to make sure things didn't get to high but then I eventually just started doing wc's 2 days after feeding which worked out because I did wc's on Sunday's anyways. Finding a light with the correct spectrum,good enough par and quality parts helps provide the coral with adequate lighting. Which for the coral you have needs to be a good amount. I was running leds with 2 channels averaging about 180-2XX par all around the tank which the time was a 8"x8" cube,packed corner to corner with Acro's and Monti's. I was using a AquaClear 50 with carbon for filtration. Which worked really good,and gave me enough flow things stayed happy. I used a JBJ ato to keep water levels good and salinity @ 1.026. Nitrates I tried to keep just detectable and same with phosphates. Sometimes it would shoot up but a 2 cup wc would help. I used Red Sea Coral Pro salt,which the main elements were fine,but alk was also at about 10 which I wasn't a HUGE fan of. I feel like 7-9 kdh is ideal. BRS is claiming a PH of 9 is proving to show a faster growth rate,but 7-8 is fine. I always ran a bare bottom just because it was easier to keep nutrients down and easier to keep clean and clean during wc's. Poo can get trapped in to places,foods and all that jazz will get stuck and rot. There is a wealth of knowledge here,and a lot of people are willing to help if you ask. There is 10000 and 1 ways to run a reef,and what I spat off is just the way I ran mine and the things I have found out thru trial and error and trying to be as in tune with the system as possible and watch the corals for any change in polyp extension,color,stop in encrusting or any other sign of stress.
  15. Just keep your hands out of the tank as much possible,keep things stable and you are good to go. In nano's stability is the biggest thing for these tanks.
  16. From what I was told by a store that sells their tank they closed down ? I haven't looked into it myself but that's what the owner of the store said. Do you know anything ?
  17. Nifty little concept,I can dig it.
  18. Just bringing this beaut to the new page !!!! You don't see simple sump's anymore. Which return pump is that,Jebao 4000 ?
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