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  1. Algae ID please

    Here are a couple more photos, this one from my BioCube 14 which has suffered the same fate. The first is taken after the brown stuff is swirled up in the water - looks like whitish stringy snowflake tendrils floating in the water. The second is what has accumulated in the first chamber where the heater is. Can anyone confirm these are indeed diatoms? Thanks!
  2. Algae ID please

    Bump for another look please...trippinsting and I appreciate it...
  3. Algae ID please

    Hi all, Looking for an ID for a pest which is all over my larger tank. Brown stringy algae-like stuff which likes to bind together with grains of loose sand (I have a triggerfish which kicks up quite a bit of it). The picture shows it against a filter overflow but it also likes to bunch up around nozzles and other places my scrubber doesn't easily reach. Of course my live rock also gets it, to terrible effect - almost like it's carpeted on. I can usually brush/'turkey-baste' it away but it seems intent on coming back in no time. Is this cyano or a variety?
  4. LED options for a 210-gallon mixed reef

    Thanks for the good info. $$$ concerns - just bumping up against the psychological barrier of four digits 'just' for lighting. I do have an as-yet unused canopy that came with the tank/stand that screw on to the back of the hood 'frame' and tilts back vertical for access. It's 'hollow' underneath (Oceanic brand). The hollowed bottom surface, when closed, is probably 7-8 inches over the water. Is this enough for a DIY heatsink and lights? saltwatercoral - love the catopy in your thread. I've also made many trips to TFP/TPP. How are you planning on mounting your Phoenixes? A ceiling hanging kit, or bolt-on to the canopy, or...? Also I'm guessing that TrueLumen Pro strips would be in the same category as Stunners - supplemental only? 36" run $133 each and 48" run $179 each.
  5. LED options for a 210-gallon mixed reef

    Nanotuners is shut. How might one buy Evil's PAR38s, and what's the hanging strategy? My existing PAR38 is 40-degree and it's very spotlightish (predictably). The Kessil pendants look pretty neat, but at $264 each I'm afraid I could break the bank. Has anyone used these on a larger tank?
  6. LED options for a 210-gallon mixed reef

    Everything I can find about the Phoenix looks great. Wireless control from a PC? It's a dream... The Vertex Illumina would be my #1 choice but it's way out of price range. Illumiluxes seem more supplemental, and many units mean more cables...more complexity...the multistrip problem. Anyone heard anything recent about the release date? 'Before 12/31' sounds safe but I've read 'this Fall' as early as 'early November'. Has anyone seen the Phoenix in person, at MACNA?
  7. LED options for a 210-gallon mixed reef

    Added two more options. Has anyone gone with LED as primary for a large tank? Would a big-enough mass of Stunners or TrueLumen Pros do it?
  8. Edit 10/29: pared down practical choices *** I have an Oceanic 210-gallon, 72" long, 30" tall, 24" deep (front to back). Here is a link with some pictures from a while ago. Currently loaded with loads of rock (even more than pictured) and some GSP frags. I had a 72" Nova Extreme Pro T5 light on top, recently sold - I bought a couple PAR38 bulbs on goosenecks for accent, then decided I miss the shimmer too much (I have a Nanocustoms 3.6 LED on top of my 14g.) I will also appreciate not burning the Nova's 439 watts! I'm looking to put together a quality, long-lasting setup which I can grow soft corals under, and provide good shimmer and impressive color throughout. 1. Some combination of PAR38 bulbs (6-10) plus two 36" or 48" Ecoxotic Stunner strips for actinic boost (mounting the bulbs could be a headache) 2. Current USA TrueLumen Pro strips, some combination of 4 to 6 36" strips perhaps 3. AI Sol Phoenix, three units (expensive but probably 'best') 4. DIY Cree 3W If anyone has implemented one of the systems above on a larger system, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Or if you know of another LED product which could be a good fit, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!
  9. GOOD LUCK to everyone on East Coast!

    In Maryland, just south of Baltimore. Have been without power since 11:20pm Saturdsy night. Been rough for my tanks but I can't confirm any losses. Today was a mad dash for alternatives when it was clear the local utility wouldn't come through. Finally my boss loaned me an inverter which I'm running off my car. Can just barely power all this: 210g: Mag 12 on EV-240 skimmer Reeflo Snapper 3600gph on closed loop system Mag 18 sump return pump 14g BioCube: Maxi-jet 900 return 44g: Maxi-jet 1200 on Remora skimmer Koralia 750 for flow Misc.: Nanocustoms PAR38 (In my home office, typing by this) BoostLED PAR30 (in kitchen, over the 44g, bringing back corals) I think I may have just brought it back from the edge. It was looking really bad about two hours ago when I was scrambling to hook up cables. Skimmers are producing an alarming amount of skim even after extensive water changes over the last two days. Everybody cross your fingers for my guys.
  10. Hydor Customer Service

    I had a Nano 425 that stopped rotating. I engaged customer service with the web form. After a little troubleshooting back and forth, they had me send it to them in Sacramento. About two weeks later I had the unit show up, fixed, in the mail. (No further communication since the Email authorizing RMA). So, I would describe it as utilitarian if not outstanding (which is where I would place, say, Ecoxotic for RMAs). I notice their web form uses "Contatto dal sito" as a subject line (Hydor is Italian) so there could be a minor language barrier from time to time?
  11. EarthQuake in NYC

    Felt it here in central Maryland (third floor office building). Thought it was maybe some wild construction just outside or something for the first few seconds, then things started really shaking. Good shakes for twenty seconds or so while I stood in a doorway. Got home and everybody's okay. Lots of rock in my 210 was disturbed, but no one was hurt. Some corals were shifted around too. Surprisingly no water loss anywhere, even in the open top frag tank and sump!
  12. Sold

    Yeah...X-Large serves 'up to 500 gallons' according to the manufacturer so maybe there's somebody with 35 BioCube 14s on a massive plumbed system or something. My 210 is becoming a FOWLR and without the corals I may not need it anymore.
  13. Sold

    Marineland Emperor filters, sold. Thank you!
  14. Sold

    Aquaripure Nitrate Filter, sold. Thank you!