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  1. By far the most original and interesting tank I've seen on here in years. I am truly a fan of this.... awesome!
  2. I think you are going to get all different outlooks on this. I have seen great tanks that use canister filters, I have seen great tanks that just use HOB filters, and I have seen great tanks that use sumps. What works for one person may not work for another. If you find a perfect answer to this please share it with us!
  3. My first pico

    Nice tank! It is very similar to my 3g pico. I have the mini t5 as well. I suggest easy corals such as: zoas, starburst, mushrooms, anthelia, ricordeas, etc... I would do small gobys like the greenbanded goby, any clown goby, yasha goby, etc.. Maybe a cleaner shrimp, or sexy shrimp.
  4. hammer coral in nano?

    I have a branching frogspawn in a 3g pico with zoas,mushrooms and anthelia. I have no problems with mine and it's sweepers are long.
  5. Emergency !

    What are you testing your salinity with??? How much of the 6gallons did you change?? Unless you took all 6 gallons out and put 6 gallons in there is no way your salinity is reading 0. Do you use already mixed water from a LFS or do you make your own?? How much saltwater do you have??
  6. Loved your revive thread by the way.... awesome! Tank looks amazing.
  7. I think you would benefit greatly from trying to revive this tank. You will gain extensive knowledge along the way that will only make you a better reefer. There are so many things to do... take the advice given on here and just roll with it for a little while. I'm guessing you have never dipped algae covered rocks in peroxide/water solution and seen what it can do, or what a peppermint shrimp can do to algae in just a matter of a day or two, or put in a bag of chemi pure elite and see what a difference it will make in a few weeks. Your tank doesn't look bad enough to start over completely. It's just algae and aptasia, 2 very common and very controllable problems. If it is instant gratification you are looking for this isn't the hobby for it.
  8. is this a extreme misbar

    Well it is definitely a misbar.... and a good buy for only $17 but extreme misbars like this only go for around $25-$30.
  9. is this a extreme misbar

    Did you buy it? How much was it?
  10. My 125 Gallon Mixed Reef: Flames are here!

    Have you tried just pulling your rocks out one by one and scrubbing them with a scrubber and rinsing the algae away? http://www.citylivingstores.com/mas_assets/full/565996.jpg
  11. Biocube Question...

    Thanks StevieT! I'll be getting some shortly!
  12. Biocube Question...

    Does anyone know if the Biocube 14 cooling fan is the same size as the 8g fan?
  13. 911... Help! I have a killer shrimp!

    The fish are really healthy so that's not the problem..... He did it right before the lights on my tank came on while the fish was pretty much just chillin. He did snatch my damsel up like lighting while he was swimming by.. he's like a ninja!! (was like a ninja I should say!) Update: All my fish are fine and worry free!!
  14. 911... Help! I have a killer shrimp!

    He has gotten pretty big.... and he is only in a 10g tank. Thanks... looks like he is gonna have a new owner soon!!
  15. This morning I caught my coral banded shrimp with my Stubby Ocellaris in his claws carrying him into my live rock. I hit him with my cleaning rod and he let him go. I thought maybe the fish was sick or something so I took him out and put him in my little 3g pico. I took my yellow tail damsel out of the pico and put him in the tank with the coral banded shrimp and the shrimp is chasing him all over the tank and actually grabbed him too with in just a matter of minutes... Is my coral banded shrimp going to keep doing this? Should I take him out? Please help!