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  1. Gotcha, bad timing on my part I guess. I just ordered the two media basets and some filter floss. Thanks again
  2. I was trying to buy the Lagoon 25 combo of two media baskets and a fuge basket for just under $100, but I no longer see it on the website. Is it my mobile site that's acting up, or did you remove the combo?
  3. Here's a shot of the 25 lagoon with Hydra 26hd set to 14k @ 50% intensity.
  4. We just hung one over our Lagoon 25 last night and it's more than enough coverage. I'll try to update later tonight with a photo
  5. Pm sent
  6. Same here. We're gonna run the socks for the initial cycle and dry rock curing, then swap for the InTank baskets and fuge setup once we're ready for livestock.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy a White Hydra 26 HD for a new 25 lagoon we're setting up. Anyone holding?
  8. I agree with whitrose02 and nanoreef31...we apparently need some rules regarding photoshop in the POTM contest. A contest entitled "symmetry" shouldn't have a winner where someone took a portion of a GSP shot and mirrored it twice...creating symmetry rather than photographing it. Might as well be a photoshop contest.
  9. Decided to go for asymmetrical symmetry