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  1. Very nice 'scape.
  2. will do, i'm in the cycling phase now so probably wont start adding before xmas.
  3. No frag for me , it's too nice a bouquet to break up ;-)
  4. I love's like a box of chocolates! Congrats there beautiful.
  5. Love it!
  6. thanks, yes LEDs are self wired, check this thread build, page 7 and 8:
  7. lol yes a MP10, running at lowest setting but dang i hate equipment in the tank. I'm also running a aquaclear 30 instead of the 20 as my heater and thermometer is integrated in the AC30. With LED's i have absolute coverage on the whole tank, as opposed to the "spotlighting" effect and no heat issues ( it has been 3 days with no need to top-off due to evaporation.
  8. main hood with threaded studs for heatsink
  9. foot view
  10. disassembled view
  11. 3/4 view
  12. top view
  13. front view