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  1. My Tank Put Me In Debt Poll

    i'll gladly endebt myself on lifetime purchases like housing, marriage...hobby don't bet on it.
  2. interesting idea. just hope your tank center is alligned with a ceiling stud so you can manipulate safely.
  3. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    as you suspect, the stock lighting given by this tank gives you spotlighting in the middle back of the tank, some folks have added/changed the stock lighting in that area by adding different bulbs but this may or may not be acceptable to you, some prefer that the further you look towards the corners of the tank it becomes darker ( less light reach ). Some say this is enough and no need to go LED DIY. some have added Par38 lights outside of the tank pointing down on each side of the hood to alleviate this issue ( read Picod's tank thread on this forum ) some have scrapped the top hood and went with a "sit on top standard light fixture ". and some are buying the custom lights from Nanotuners. the main challenge of our fluval edge is " how to increase coverage" as opposed to intensity, since with a standard tank you would normally have a light that hangs on top across the whole length of the tank and that would give you acceptable coverage. In my case i wanted to increase overall coverage whiles trying to keep a stock look, and once i started it was easy to add more cree LEDs to increase intensity as well. my best advise is look at the pictures and you-tube videos of different mods and see what is acceptable to you based on what you want to keep in your Edge, you may find a 3x2 array sufficient for you. again, the main challenge is coverage while keeping the stock look of the Edge, and of course the best lighting possible so your softies can thrive.
  4. Do you keep an aquarium log?

    Big time.
  5. How many tanks do you have in your house

    Trust me...you aint the only crazy one on nanoreef ;-) Strenght in numbers.
  6. How many tanks do you have in your house

    This should become a "sticky" poll, interesting data for sponsors and you don't have to weed through the replies.
  7. How many tanks do you have in your house

    Saltwater fluval edge 120g Amazon freshwater
  8. While on craigslist i run across these

    agreed, unless you can ping the seller and find out the type and make of LED, drivers and so forth...caveat emptor.
  9. not sure on the aesthetics of a mirror finish, i've used a sheet of black mat finish foam core on my 120 Gallon FW , it gives a very nice and uniform finish and the best is if you get tired of it you just pull it off. i've attempted a paint finish and its a pain for it to be uniform ( no streaks, bleeds...) if you're dead set on a mirror finish +1 on post above from thecowkid.
  10. Help PicO Aquariums build a better mouse trap!

    A port for an ato would suffice, not the actual ato.
  11. Question about dimming LEDs

    Why? Each color on a dimmable buckpuck gives you so much more lattitude.
  12. GHA Round ... I quit counting

    Understood fw fellow. Give it time and you'le probably see the cheato competing nicely against the gha, to the extent that the gha dissapears, you can help speed up the process by plucking and sucking that gha during normal waterchanges. Time is on your side.
  13. GHA Round ... I quit counting

    I wonder if adding a refugium to your system would help as you would be using cheato to compete for the nutrients vs your gha. Fight fire with fire ;-)
  14. Live rock question

    it should not, although it may trigger a mini cycle but you should be safe and not even see a bump in parameters. the above depends on the amount of rocks added of course ( and his tank was stable to begin with).