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  1. kristonenicolas

    DIY stand for 21g

    Im planning on making an ADA type stand for a 21g and I don't want it to be too bulky. Is 1/2" birch strong enough to use for a stand?
  2. kristonenicolas

    Minimum height of sump?

    Thanks for all your help Sea bass! I noticed you're one of the only ones who responds to my random questions
  3. kristonenicolas

    Minimum height of sump?

    If my skimmer is rated at 9.5-11" what should be the minimum height of the sump?
  4. kristonenicolas

    TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - Back from the DEAD!

    So I'm setting my Xaqua and thought about hard plumbing it with a union but there isn't any space for one cause the piping is too close to the tank. Did you bend the PVC out a little to do this?
  5. kristonenicolas

    Where did you get your custom sump?

    True. Looking for something higher end this time around. Display is only 21g
  6. kristonenicolas

    Where did you get your custom sump?

    So I want my stand to sit flush with my tank, bad part is that my tank is only 12" deep which means my sump needs to be less than that. J can't find any sumps that small so it seems like my only option is to go custom. I've contacted advanced Acrylics, Wlite-Aquatics, and Zero Edge but I'm still waiting for a response. I just wanted to see if you guys had any other recommendations. Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm pretty conflicted right now. I was hoping the tank and stand would come together after being painted but in the end I'm not very happy with it. I feel the proportions are just way off and that I need to go bigger. So I was hoping I can get some peace of mind with your guys' help. The stand's footprint is 4'x2' and the current tank is 36"x12"x12" and 21 gallons. I'm now looking at a tank that is 36x18x18" and is double the volume at 44 gallons. I feel will definitely look a lot better.. what do you guys think? Here's my other question... Is this stand strong enough to support this upgrade? The stand is made of aluminum and has a 1/2" plywood top. This was made specifically for a tank with a 4x2' footprint but that is a little too big for me. The previous owner of this stand had a 60 gallon frag tank andits footprint was also 4'x2'. I look forward to your responses! thanks in advance!
  8. kristonenicolas

    12G Long Shallow Reef - Hong Kong

    Ahh I see! What did you use to connect the two Hydras together?
  9. kristonenicolas

    TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - Back from the DEAD!

    ahhh such a tease. cant wait to see it wet!
  10. kristonenicolas

    12G Long Shallow Reef - Hong Kong

    Gorgeous tank! Do you mind explaining to me how you hung your hydras the way you did? Thanks!
  11. kristonenicolas

    Custom Acrylic Tops *Tank Toppers* Limited Runs

    would you do one for a UNS 21 long? 90x30cm
  12. kristonenicolas

    TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - Back from the DEAD!

    I've been looking forward to this!
  13. kristonenicolas

    Fittings smaller than 3/8"?

    So I ordered the wrong fittings and I'd hate to do it again so I thought I'd ask here and see if I can get any help. I'm trying to hard plumb my Aquamaxx FR-SE Media Reactor but I can't find the right fittings for it. Do they even make any fittings smaller than 3/8"?
  14. kristonenicolas

    Hard plumbing an Xaqua INOUT

    I'm trying really hard not to start new threads to ask these questions, but its hard to find information on these overflows. Does anyone have any experience hard plumbing an Xaqua INOUT instead of using flexible tubing? I'd like to know how the noise was, and if it was needed, how did you quiet down the drain? Thanks in advance!
  15. Anyone know here to find larger colored vinyl tubing? Specifically 1.5" and 3/4" red tubing? Thanks in advance!