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  1. Be careful with the carpet. They can get very big under the right conditions . Start with the clean up crew then move on from there. Little by little. A small tank can get overloaded quickly. You want to allow the bacteria to keep up with the animal load.
  2. dling

    power strips

    That looks nice and clean. Thanks. I have 3 power strips two held by screws on the side of the stand and the other is sitting on top of my chiller. I plan on upgrading all 3 one at a time and relocating the on chiller to the side of the stand. Hope this never happens again. Thanks again for all the help from all.
  3. dling

    power strips

    It was not on the floor. Its was laying on top of my chiller.Well above the floor. The problem was that the water was coming down from the tank into the power strip.. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. dling

    power strips

    So . It appears that location and not the power strip is the better solution. I do like the switching of the individual outlets. That would help with water changes. I unplug the sump return pump and re-plug after the new water has been added. Just flip a switch. Power off ,power on. Nice.
  5. What power strips are recommended for our hobby ? I had the strangest thing happen. Got up to go to work the other morning when I noticed water squirting out of the tank. And of coarse it was going straight into a power strip which had no fault protection. Smoke was starting to come out. Turns out that a snail had gotten onto the tip of the sump return nozzle and caused this. I have since moved the spray nozzle more inward away from the edge of the tank. Had this happened on the weekend when I dont get up at 3am, or if we were away together and no one was home the out come would have been completely different. We would now be homeless. I need better power strips.
  6. Anemones need strong lighting. I would stay away from them until the tank has matured a bit. Also theres no guarantee that the clown will host the anemone. Different clowns host different anemones ,not any clowns with any anemone. My clowns dont even know I have a BTA in the tank with them. They stay in my Elegance coral. Its not what I would prefer . Do you have the tank up and running? I was looking at your first post about what you plan on using . Do some research on the lighting you plan on getting. It may not be enough for corals or anemones. Good luck
  7. You should be fine depending on animal load. Just start slow . Lighting and water changes are not nessary at the beginning.
  8. Looks OK. Would be nice if it where a bit more porous, but it will work.
  9. Thats great that you have a power generator. I now have one also due to a winter storm two years ago. We lost power for three days . Our home was freezing cold and we stayed in a hotel. I lost everything in my tank. We have had a couple of power loses since but the tank keep running. You will have a lot of time and money invested in your new hobby and a power generator is a must as I discovered the hard way. Have fun and post some pics soon.
  10. I stayed in New Delhi for 9 weeks while working at the Hindon AFB. in 2015. The city suffered from rolling black outs. The power just went out ,even at the air force base. Do you have the same problem ? That wouldn't be good for such a small reef tank for any length of time . Some sort of battery back up for water movement would be needed. Good luck with your new hobby. Its very addictive . I see a bigger tank in your near future.
  11. Like seabass said. The salt needs to be covered in a air tight container to keep moisture out. If not it will turn into one large salt brick due to absorbing water from the air like the salt in a salt shaker.
  12. I just went through this. Whst i found out was my temp reader was bad. It was reading 78. Tested with a new temp reader. Water was 85. I now keep two temp readers in my tank.
  13. I also used them. Thanks to Tamberav. Never heard to nextlight.Great customer service. The meter was a nice tool for me ,I have diy lighting and had no idea of the amount of light my tank was getting. After using the meter I upgraded all of the drivers for greater par amount.
  14. Thanks. When I get my white lights looking right I will post a few pics. Currently tank is more blue.
  15. Well I now have two crocea clams. Both are doing fine. Thanking about a third. If I do it will be a bit down the road through. I really am a clam fan.
  16. No. Unless I can say that the hanna test kits I've ordered for myself count.
  17. I ordered the hanna Alk. Looked easy and fast. It should be next week.Also have the hanna low range phosphate tester coming as well.
  18. The egg nog and rum breakfast. Nice.
  19. So which of the reading is correct? Seems that the hanna is either the only one right or the only one wrong.
  20. I always remove the corals that I'm gluing from the water. I also dry the area where I plan on applying the glue with a paper or cloth towel.
  21. Merry Christmas too all.
  22. All the lights are XP-E type. I want to know if I can add 1a LDD mw drivers in place of the 700ma ones that I have there now for the blues. Now sure if this will overdrive them or not. The max current is 1a and I'm not sure that the lights can handle the 1a drivers. Just looking to add more power if I can.
  23. Yes. Just apply it to your coral and hold the coral where you want it for at least 30 sec.
  24. Thats what I have now. Works great.
  25. dling

    Lux meter

    Very informative. Would you recommend turning off the skimmer for awhile ? Thanks . BTW. The corals I'm talking about are arco/sps