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  1. DIY Tank Stand

    The stand is obviously not square/straight. very disappointed.
  2. DIY Tank Stand

    Heres the new granite top. Im not sure what I can do about the gap and make it look good.
  3. What is this in my 'fuge???

    Isn't it amazing . The things we want in our tanks are hard to keep alive. Then you run across the glass anemone and you can't killum. Kinda funny how that works.
  4. Heater to fit inside AC20

    I would stay away from Finnex. I've owned two of them and neither one lasted very long for the price of their heaters.
  5. DIY Tank Stand

    I put in the order for the granite top and the glasscages tank. I'm really nervous about about the tank swap. It's going to take some time to get the new tank set up after tearing down the old one. I will be glad when it's over and all is well.
  6. DIY Tank Stand

    This stand is way over built. It weights a ton. 3/4 in wood for top ,face and sides. Then paneling at 1/4 in face and sides. If I had it to do over I would only put 3/4in on top and just the paneling on the face and sides.
  7. DIY Tank Stand

    That's a good idea. I would need frames too meet the size of the doors. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. DIY Tank Stand

    I think that I may get pre made doors. I really hate that I'm just not good enough at the wood working to do what I want and make it look good.
  9. DIY Tank Stand

    Here's how it started and where I'm at now. I kinda wish I had used a bit lighter color of stain. Plan on doing the doors today and maybe finishing.
  10. DIY Tank Stand

    Thanks for the heads up. I will look into them.
  11. DIY Tank Stand

    This is my current setup. The tank and stand are being replaced.
  12. DIY Tank Stand

    What was the cost of the granite ?
  13. DIY Tank Stand

    Thanks for the reply and help .
  14. If you think it may be lack of lighting causing it you can either move the clam up higher or raise the lighting to 100% at peak . Good luck.
  15. DIY Tank Stand

    So. I've been doing some research on what to paint the inside floor of the stand with. It looks like polyurethane my be the best choice for waterproofing. I will caulk the whole area in 100% silicone. Have any of you used polyurethane ? if yes, what's the name and where did you get it ? I plan on using a brush to apply it. Thanks.