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  1. dling

    Sale or trade

    Anyone near the Buchanan, Ga area. I would like to get rid of this coral. I have a much larger one. This is a frag that i broke off and grew. Dont know what it is . Its a very nice size piece.
  2. dling

    Need another option

    Well I ordered two maxima from liveaqaria. They're on sale now. I want tou all to know that this will be great news for you. Now that I have put in a order for maxima the crocea clams will be available and at great prices. Seem to be the story of my life.
  3. dling

    Need another option

    I have tried . I ask the two in my area. Nether one can get them. The maxima is what I was looking at. Thanks.
  4. dling

    Need another option

    Im just about ro give up on finding a crocea clam. Ive been looking most of the year. Is there another clam that would be recommended for a 36in long 50gal tank?
  5. dling

    WTB crocea clams

    looks like their sold out like everyone else. Unless you want to pay 200.00 or more ea. at biota.
  6. dling

    WTB crocea clams

    Went to pacufic east web site. No croceas.
  7. dling

    WTB crocea clams

    WOW!!!! are you kidding me. The ones I have before our power loss where I lost everything cost 75.00ea.
  8. dling

    Need help regarding this pests

    Very hard to get rid of and they spread fast. Good luck.
  9. dling

    SNG's 90g.

    Tank look great. Nice job with the mixing of all the colors.
  10. dling

    1 gallon HOB refugium?

    I think it would be very helpful. You would be adding more water volume along with more filtration . Plus +Plus =More Plus.
  11. dling

    WTB crocea clams

    I'm looking to buy 2 crocea clams. I cant find them anywhere . My tank isn't big enough for any other type.
  12. dling

    What are these ?

    Thanks guys. Thats good too know. Snails,the more the merrier.
  13. dling

    What are these ?

    I've been seeing these all over my tank and have know idea what they are. Anyone know ?
  14. dling

    Nano sapiens

    That's a sweet little tank.
  15. dling

    New BTA only tank

    Thats super cool. Good luck.