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  1. dling

    What are these ?

    Thanks guys. Thats good too know. Snails,the more the merrier.
  2. dling

    What are these ?

    I've been seeing these all over my tank and have know idea what they are. Anyone know ?
  3. dling

    Nano sapiens

    That's a sweet little tank.
  4. dling

    New BTA only tank

    Thats super cool. Good luck.
  5. dling

    water flow

    Yea. I know that you dont want to much flow because of the reasons all ready mentioned. I may just leave it alone. Its probably fine as is. Low flow more filter contact time.
  6. dling

    water flow

    I was thinking about increasing the size of my return sump pump for more flow, but by doing that I will have reduced the amount of time the water has to be filtered by the skimmer. Not sure which one is the more important. flow rate of skimmer time. Any thoughts ?
  7. dling

    Royal Grammas

    I'm happy . I got there and the smaller ones were 19.99 ,much better. So I got 2 of them. There still in the bags and floating in my tank. I really like the royal grammas. Very pretty fish.
  8. dling

    Royal Grammas

    I think that I will pay the higher price at 29.99 rather then drive the extra 60 miles round trip to save 10 dollars.
  9. dling

    Royal Grammas

    I was able to find a place that has them for 24.99 . The place is 75 miles away
  10. dling

    Royal Grammas

    I can get them , its just 30.00 ea is a bit much. I calling other LFS now to see if the have them at a better price. Fingers X.
  11. dling

    Royal Grammas

    Thats what ive been seeing on-line. But the shipping prices makes it not worth it.
  12. dling

    Royal Grammas

    Hey fellow reefers. I have a question that I know is a bit opinionated but here it is. How much would you be willing to pay for a royal gramma ? I am looking for a pair and a LFS has them at 30.00 ea. That seems a bit expensive. What do you guys think ?
  13. dling

    ebay seller

    Order came in today . Dont do it !!!!! The water was very cloudy and cold. Im not sure how may will live. Mostly just green birdsnest.
  14. dling


    Sorry to be so late. I just read that Albert had died. Thats very sad. I meet him a couple of times for coral swaps. We dont live more then maybe an hour apart. He also gave me a signed copy of one of his books. I just did a search of my username on the site looking for something I had posted some time ago and saw the Albert was offering me some of the corals that I had given him . They were to big and he was going to frag them. His post was in 2013. I started looking to see if he still posted on nano-reef and read he had died. It was an honor meeting him. A very nice man. Very Sad.