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  1. Added 16 more lights today giving a grand total of 86 led's . Thiis is before . All lights added are blue. This is after
  2. I got the screen from BRS and the frame is for making custom window screens. Home Depot/Lowe's Around 20.00 dollars. It was very easy. I think all the items can be purchased at BRS also. You will need a measuring tape and hack saw. Good luck.
  3. I decided to run them at 700ma to be safe.
  4. I got my screen from BRS. http://aquarium.bulkreefsupply.com/search?w=screen&asug= Got the rest from HomeDeopt in the diy window screen area. I did see you needed offline . This is an online option if all else fails.
  5. Sorry to about the leak. I remember coming home to an empty tank once. Power when out and I had the sump return at the bottom of the tank. Of coarse it started to siphon from the bottom back into the 15g sump. Unfortunately it was a 65g tank. What a mess and loss of life. Very bad day.
  6. my two clams under LED's
  7. How safe is it to run blue LED's at 1a (1000ma)? I see their max operating current is 1.5 amps. Can they handle 1a and be good without harming them ?
  8. just finished my diy screen. very easy.
  9. FS

    Dim4 controller plus 3 Meanwell ELN-60-48D and 2 Inventronics EUC-040S070DS drivers. everything is working. Just went with smaller drivers because of the space was needed. 50.00 dollars or best offer. plus shipping.
  10. This is what I have now.
  11. Well I'm finished. Here are a few pics of the before and after.
  12. Thanks. I was hoping that I could just have one channel for the fan. I cant afford to lose two . Using 5 drivers.
  13. Sorry ,this is a DIY lighting . I just wanted to know about the storm controllers fan control. I do have the storm ,it's regular not the X.
  14. I have the controller set to auto. I thought that the lights would completely off but they don't. How can I set it so that the light turn down to zero ? Never mind , I got it. Light are off. Didn't have the night time set to zero on all the channels.
  15. I have it on the stove warming in it water now. Its a lot better then it was but still a bit of undissolved product . I will keep working on it. Thanks for the reply.