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  1. Carbon Sock

    Thanks. I plan on using them as throw away when the carbon is spent. They're cheap.
  2. Carbon Sock

    Would a panty hose sock be good to use as a carbon sock ? Or are they stitched too closely together ?
  3. RIP to My Picasso Clown

    I have a rimless and a diy screen cover. I added the cover after the loss of one of my favorite fish. The screen looks good and is very thin so it isn't like have a rimmed tank.
  4. Starting My new nano tank panorama60

    I agree with Christopher M. I really like the rock on the left. The duel shelf look great.
  5. Lighting

  6. Lighting

    Just curious. Why cant you purchase lights? I built my ,but it can cost as much or even more doing DIY then buying prebuilt. BTW. How long has the tank been running? Anemones should only be added to a tank thats been up for 3-6 mths. some say longer.
  7. Skimmer Problem

    Ive ordered a new skimmer wheel > I think the magnet is getting worn out and causing the problem. I hope thats the fix . The skimmer wheel was expensive.
  8. Filter Sock

    So it would be recommended to have 2 or 3 of them for maintenance ? Thanks.
  9. Filter Sock

    How many of you use a filter sock ? I was looking at my skimmer this weekend and noticed that the bubbles didn't look right. Took the pump apart and found a small snail trapped inside . It was killing the ability to work properly . I've been thinking about using a filter sock just not wanting any more cleaning or maintenance then I already have. Would I just tie it around the output of the overflow tube ? I don't have room for adding any more stuff in the sump like building a cage to hold the sock.
  10. Help!!!!! Overstocked - now what?

    I can relate to the stress of swapping out tanks. I went from a 30g to a 50g just a few weekends ago. Moving everything into 5g buckets with heaters and pumps. I have 5 fish two clams a BTA and a lot of sps coral plus all of the crabs and snails. It was a two day event. I did reuse my old sand as well as added some new due to the larger tank . I replaced the tank and stand . What a JOB!!!!! You'll be much happier with the new setup once you get it all finished. Looking forward to more pics.
  11. Skimmer Problem

    OK. Thanks.
  12. Sorry to hear about ur fish. if you have some sort of big box store like homedepot or lowes you can make your own screen to place over the top of the tank to stop the fish and anything else from getting out. If you can order from BRS they have screen just for that purpose. you get the frame from the big box store. Good luck. Tank looks great.
  13. Help!!!!! Overstocked - now what?

    That looks like a real nice set up. Once you have it up and running it will be great. Have fun with all of ur new toys.
  14. What is the danger of high calcium levels?

    High Ca can also be bad for filtering equipment > It cad cause a build up on moving parts thats hard to remove.
  15. Water Changes?

    I do bi weekly water changes of 10% and my corals and fish are doing great. Not sure if do or do not have a skimmer. If you dont I would recommend weekly changes of 10% at least.