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  1. Awww shit. I was just considering joining in too
  2. Fancy names don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. With experience you'll find you can be sold something and in your tank it'll look different, or it'll change. In the past I've picked up some really sad looking corals that turned in to some of the most beautiful I ever had with the correct care. Zoas can morph spontaneously over time, or part of a colony can change due to different lighting etc. I can confirm that yes, you appear to have two different color zoas on that rock. The internet tells me a "Green Goblin" is meant to be a type of rock flower anemone. So no, that is not a green goblin. It is a (mostly) green bubble tip anemone, I had a few the same as it years ago.
  3. You have a dead tree beside your TV. jussayin.
  4. I'm with the other guy on this one, #### off LMB, you do sound like an ass and you're the one 'cluttering' up the comments.
  5. I'm aware they're hard to keep and I'm aware they're important to wild reefs. They may have more of an impact on a reef ecosystem when removed but every single thing we have in our tanks that has been removed from the wild (excluding long term aqua cultured specimens) has a detrimental effect. It's something you accept when getting in to this hobby. I'm not going to try and justify owning it, I do, it's healthy, deal with it.
  6. Yup indeed, Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse. It was the last addition to my tank a few months ago. Its grown heaps since I've had it.
  7. Bartlett's anthias, I so rarely see other people who have them!
  8. Firefish.
  9. Woo it's wet! Nice to see things really getting started.
  10. Thanks!
  11. Is that not a torch? I don't see frogspawn, I see torch. Looks just like mine but but fully extended... Hey, I could be wrong.
  12. Geez enough with the preachy creature loving touchy feely **** already reef-luva. Siang - What sort of flow is your xenia under? IME (what little of it I have) it grows best under gentle/medium turbid flow.
  13. Nice yellow polyps. I had a few but they got murdered by my zoas. That's what they get for growing in the middle of a colony!