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  1. ADIN TANK - a lounge rat's contest tank

    Awww shit. I was just considering joining in too
  2. Help ID All My Corals

    Fancy names don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. With experience you'll find you can be sold something and in your tank it'll look different, or it'll change. In the past I've picked up some really sad looking corals that turned in to some of the most beautiful I ever had with the correct care. Zoas can morph spontaneously over time, or part of a colony can change due to different lighting etc. I can confirm that yes, you appear to have two different color zoas on that rock. The internet tells me a "Green Goblin" is meant to be a type of rock flower anemone. So no, that is not a green goblin. It is a (mostly) green bubble tip anemone, I had a few the same as it years ago.
  3. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

    So, I still have a tank. Just not this one. Sly, Jaffa and Fanta the fish are still with me. Jaffa (black clown) has been with me for nearly 4 years now
  4. Dunk's 150g

    Yay dunky! Puttin' my aptasia farm to shaaaame
  5. Wierd algae problem, Possibly dinoflagellates PICS

    Unlikely. djwhatever is probably referring to cyanobacteria when he says 'the thing that shows up when there's not enough flow'. It's a common misconception that cyano shows up where there's low/no flow, it's bullshit and he's talking out his ass. Cyano is caused by nutrient issues, it's common and not really anything to worry about. The worst cases I've seen are in tanks of people who use tap water. My advice? Do some water changes, suck it out, see if it comes back. Then keep up your regular water changes and maintain good water chemistry.
  6. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

    Boyfriend, kitten and the tank
  7. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

  8. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

    Sold some frags last weekend, got a bit more than I expected for them. Tank is ticking along nicely, I miss having a decent camera so bad will try to get some updated shots this week FINALLY bought test kits again. I hadn't tested anything since I moved the entire tank home in September. Alk was a touch low and Cal could do with being about 200 higher, all in all a good result.
  9. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

    It is indeed. Started off a little less than the size of my palm
  10. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

    If I had a camera worth a damn I might post more updates. but I don't so I won't. Here are some spectacularly disappointing shitty photos: I do love my purple torch
  11. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

    I wish guys. Looks like I'll be shipping most to Christchurch. Here's hoping they don't have any more big earthquakes and the guy I'm sending them to doesn't lose another tank.
  12. Obsidian 70–75% SiO2, + MgO, Fe3O4

    Fragging things to sell next weekend. Exciting Heaps of fantastic growth and lots of new yumas, floridas etc popping up.
  13. What Is This And How Do I Kill It?

    Yeah I would have liked to have given you an idea of how to kill them but I'm basically also unsure, beyond manual removal there's no sure way as far as I know. I had a small patch of them once, I chopped all the tops off and covered them in epoxy putty, lol. That dealt to them. Couple of months later I pulled the layer of putty off the rock. I'd say by the look of it you have too many to make that a viable option though. Best of luck beating them.
  14. Growing With My Zoa?

    Photos are pretty bad and you haven't said which zoa frag you're talking about. Even rotating the photos first would help a bit. Can you turn the frag in question around and take a photo of the thing you want identified from front on?
  15. Baby Plate Coral, Hydnophora... Something Else?

    That is my gut feeling also. I zoomed in on some of the photos, the little tentacles have tiny balls on the tips just like a plate, it has a central mouth, the skeleton is ridged in the right way etc.