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  1. beautiful!
  2. we have a spider deco crab at my LFS where i work and that guy is invisible most of the time but they are really cool
  3. Diatom I suggest you read the stickey threads in the I.D. Forum
  4. wheres his claws and legs??
  5. WOW that looks amazing!
  6. wow those are nice!!!
  7. Excellent very healthy
  8. lol for an attempt at the joke XD it was pretty funny
  9. cute
  10. Falkor
  11. LED's??? it looks great!!
  12. +1... i hope this isn't a serious picture with that being your only lighting
  13. i thought corals already had names??
  14. Nice cake!!! too bad young dillenger will not remember it
  15. CAN I HAVE IT?????? PLEASEEE?!?!?!?!