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  1. ORA grows sps faster than I grow my macro algae. They always sell awesome frags
  2. Tribal blennies rely on algae as their main source of food. I've heard they require above average care to keep healthy in the long term. Good luck with him, he'll get big for a blenny!
  3. just a little dab of super glue lol
  4. I am a little, I keep a lot of sps so there are some sensitive frags in there. So far I haven't seen stung coral though and we are on like day 5 that he's had the zoas, so I'll keep an eye on things and hope for the best.
  5. I'm hoping he turns into a mobile zoa rock
  6. It was a little too sunny for my snail, so I gave him an umbrella.
  7. My new favorite SPS
  8. Nevermind I forget that sumps get more humid, I can totally see that happening.
  9. Yeah we have had that happen to a few at work. Although I've never seen salt creep from evap quite that bad? You must have had it pretty close to the water line.
  10. Yeah thats def from the brain family, looks amazing
  11. I have an orange polyp piece that I received as an odd shape, and it has been slowly transforming into what looks like a stylophora. Except yours looks like the polyps have more of a pocillopora look to them. Regardless, this is a beautiful piece that you dont often see in the hobby!
  12. Ahhh jealous, mine looked like that for a week, now they just stay halfway closed all the time dammit.
  13. Thanks, I saw him at the fish store and I looked at him for like a second and was like, "I'll take him." lol. And don't let their size fool you, he has been through A LOT of noob mistakes, very very hardy fish.
  14. I have a 1" one in the mail actually that is going to go in front of a T fitting to both the returns. I know I should have since day one, but they're so damn expensive