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  1. I'm looking for either a reefkeeper lite or an apex jr with a pH probe included. Also in the market for a full spectrum led fixture for a pico aquarium with gooseneck. And I'm also looking for various macroalgaes before winter hits Also in the market for a nice ~10g heater with good precision, I'm trying to lock down a temp swing.
  2. WTB: RKL/Apex Jr, pump, filter media

    Still looking primarily for a controller, but all other items as well
  3. WTB: RKL/Apex Jr, pump, filter media

    Probably gonna be too big for my needs, its gonna be returning water to a Fluval Spec 2.5 and probably make a sandstorm lol.
  4. WTB: RKL/Apex Jr, pump, filter media

    Bump, still looking for all of these items!
  5. WTB: RKL/Apex Jr, pump, filter media

    I'm looking for a RKL with pH probe and module, or an apex jr as well Also looking for a small return pump with greater than 190 gph And then I'm also looking for Purigen, Chemipure and/or Rowaphos/carbon if anybody is trying to get rid of any! Thanks and happy new years!
  6. WTB: Pico circulation pump

    I'm looking to pick up a circulation pump for my 2.5g. Ideally a Hydor Pico Evo-Mag pump used, but I'm open to other offers as well! Also looking for a spare hydrometer (Yes I know refractometers are better, but stability is more important than accuracy. Ask my sps!) And also a spare air pump; nothing too weak though, need diy skimmer. Thanks
  7. Uknown Damsel ID

    Hmm disappointing to see they lose their color later on in their life. Ten dollars well spent regardless. Thanks!
  8. Uknown Damsel ID

    I normally stay away from damsels, but when I saw this in the LFS for ten bucks I had to snag it. I can't seem to find an ID on him, I'm beginning to wonder if his markings are a juvenile variant. Any help would be appreciated. He's 3/4" long. Sorry for the cell pic
  9. Uknown Damsel

  10. Help with an ID please! (crab)

    If you do get a look at him in the tank, check for hair on the legs. This is usually a good indicator of whether it's a threat as well. Most all crabs with hair on the legs (excluding emeralds, usually) are harmful to a reef tank. Not having hair would be one more good reason to reconsider taking him out.
  11. WTB: Pico tank

    Ha this ones too good to pass up! It gives me a good reason to move to a pico. I'm actually running a 2.5 AGA AIO right now but I'd really like to get into something in low iron glass.
  12. WTB: Pico tank

    Found a really awesome new apartment and they won't allow fish tanks. So now my big tank is getting broken down and I'm going incognito. I'd really like something in low iron glass. Pm me with offers!
  13. Single Tri-Star Setup

    If you're up for some diy work then this should be a cinch for you http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=073-050 I'm running a single tri-star on one of these and a 12v 400 mA buckpuck which lands me a little under 500 mA current to the LED's, it works fine and comes with a dimming control input.
  14. Vermitid snails

    I had a bad problem with some for about a year. They seemed to begin dwindling when I had a surplus of mini brittle stars come in on some rock so +1 on mini brittle stars. Now I haven't seen a living one in a couple months.
  15. Reefer madness' 2.5g AIO

    I began brainstorming on a 2.5 system a year ago and got serious with it about two months ago. It's almost ready to be filled and scaped with what I'm thinking will either be an island style rock layout, or maybe a cove scene. Goals and features of the tank include: Automated daily W/C system Media rack Oversized refugium Full spectrum LED lighting Dynamic flow control Faux sandbed More to come, time to do some Husker tailgating!