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  1. ´╗┐Looking to see different options of how people are mounting their PAR 38 bulbs. Show me what you got!
  2. Looking to buy a drilled nano-sized aquarium and am having trouble finding any sellers.
  3. 1 CREE LED help

    Thanks for the help! Can I use something like this then? http://www.amazon.com/Premium-External-Ada...pd_bxgy_e_img_b I take it the buckpuck would reduce the current down to 1000mA (or less with dimming)? Also, if I were to make another setup with more LEDs (say 6) would I keep the current on the AC/DC adapter the same and just increase the voltage? If so, how do I calculate the necessary voltage needed for multiple LEDs? Thanks for the help!
  4. 1 CREE LED help

    I want to make a 1 LED CREE Light for the refugium on my nano. I am thinking of using one XP-G R5 or something similar. My question is what luxdrive buckpuck will I need (ie what mA) and, most importantly, what power supply will I need? I assume the higher rated current buck pucks will allow me more dimming options (let me know if I am totally wrong on this). However, I am completely unsure on how to calculate what kind of power supply I will need for this and any LED setups. Thanks for the help! Tim