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  1. I have a used cs 100 for sale. these are $112 new at premium. I am looking for half that. I might have an aqualifter pump lying around if you are interested in that as well..... I will ship, or trade if you have anything i want . If you need I can post pictures i may be offline for a few days. pm me with interest! Matt
  2. matt the fiddler

    what is going on with heat!!!

    i would argue 78 +- one degree is the aim .. but that is me... i haven't seen too many captive reefs that sit at 86 that are healthy.. in fact most sps that sit stable at 83-84 in the summer.. are very brown
  3. matt the fiddler

    How does Xenia defend itself?

    Strgenth in numbers, It's only defense other than a very mild sting is that it grows liek a weed
  4. matt the fiddler

    homemade pop bottle skimmer

    ghetto is always great for nano reefs
  5. matt the fiddler

    Reefer Addict's Ganja oops Coral Farm

    why not manifold around the rim, and get current everywhere?
  6. matt the fiddler

    Too Much Weight????

    i have 10 gallons on the 2nd floor, right on the center load bearing wall of the house..
  7. matt the fiddler

    What WON'T thrive in your tank?

    i had a top off "oops" where my gsp went dark and dry in the sump for 3 days. it still lived on.. there was a reason the 14" piece was in the sump..
  8. matt the fiddler

    What WON'T thrive in your tank?

    not a coral, but i am too stupid to maintain a DSB....
  9. matt the fiddler

    Dumbest purchase I made for my tank was

    for me? a sand bed any rio powerhead when i first started an acro i didn't check too carefully for the bugs
  10. matt the fiddler

    Underwater Tank

    i always thought that the "seeing things at the fishes level" was called the front pane of glass or acrylic on the fish tank..
  11. matt the fiddler

    Underwater Tank

    g w aaaaa d d y
  12. matt the fiddler

    My calcium is between 700-800

    i personally say you get your additives through water changes.. i would not dose stuff like reef complete... instead stay on a military schedule of a 5% WC every 2 weeks or something like that.. mike .. quick heads up... distilled water is not to be used in this hobby due to the copper coils used to boil it. which results in copper ions in the tank in small quantities [some leaches through]. even in parts per million to perhaps parts per billion copper ions kills inverts and other non fish life in the tank... this includes Ich, whcih is why freshwater meds are copper based, shrimp, corals, crabs, and most of your ballanced eco system that you can't see.
  13. matt the fiddler

    My calcium is between 700-800

    btw. IMO 1 drop per second is enough for a 40-80 gallon lightly stocked tank, if you do it 24/7... if you have a friend with a digital ph probe get it for a week [or buy one.. i think anyone dosing as lethal of a substance as kalk [if barly in the wrong concentration] should have one to protect their livestock].. and watch what happens to your ph. you don't want your ph going much above 8.5 i would be willing to bet during the day if you are dosing kalk then,[assuming your tank is in the 20-30 gallon range] [bTW how big is your tank] your ph is peaking at 8.6+ if you don't know. then test your ph a few hours after the lights are on.. ph is mroe of a concern than the calcium.. so watch taht, and you can watch everythign else...
  14. matt the fiddler

    My calcium is between 700-800

    ok- using the kalk.. a couple thigns to keep in mind. you need to be able to test for ca and alk and PH before dosing it. the instructions on the back are well meaning, but every system is different and there is not a one size fits all in dosages ANYWHERE in reef aquaria.. [if anyone says there is they are selling something] what you want to do is test you systems calcium usage.. IE every day With out dosing.. watch the leves and see where the ca goes... you onlt need to add enough to make up for the added dosing. BTW watch your ph.. ther eis a chance your ph is up in the 8.7 range righ tnow, if your CA is that high.. test it and make sure it is in the stable range.. btw. i add CA via kalk at night to raise the ph during the night to level out the changes i also run a CA reactor though... but i have a pretty high sps load..
  15. matt the fiddler

    My calcium is between 700-800

    http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/nov...ov2002/chem.htm there you go. read up- good stuff even for the most advanced reefers there... also look here... http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-12/rhf/index.htm http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/mar...ar2002/chem.htm http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/may...ay2002/chem.htm and for a msater index.. http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.p...threadid=102605