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  1. Phatty's 17 Gallon Mixed Reef

    I had made a change to an AI sol blue over the main tank and had moved the kessil to hang above an in sump refugium. Just recently however I have built a new cabinet to house the sump and upgraded my skimmer so there is no longer room for a refugium and the kessil has been put in storage. I have also added a kamoer doser and am starting to dose Calcium, Alk, and Magnesium. I hope to post pictures up of my new sump setup and tank soon. The main display is really thriving, however my online presence has really fallen off lately as I have used all my spare time in just focusing on working on the tank. The upgrading of equipment is very time consuming. While dialing in the skimmer it overflowed, causing the ATO to come on and decreasing the salinity overnight. Several pieces of SPS bleached and one frag suffered RTN, however the majority have recovered fairly quickly. I am also in the middle of dialing in regular dosing amounts and elevating my Calcium and Alkalinity levels. I am very hopeful that this will really promote my SPS growth as it has been pretty modest up to now.
  2. Kevin's Indonesian Reef

    Very nice job on the plumbing! Looks like you have all the right gear to build a solid system, can't wait to see what is looks like stocked.
  3. Mr Aqua 33.6 - Take 2

    If you are adding clownfish it would be a good idea to add a small clean up crew at the same time. The CUC will consume things like bits of food the fish might miss that sink to the bottom. I would recommend smaller hermit crabs rather than larger if you get the choice. A LFS will often give you the biggest ones they can, thinking that is desirable since most tank owners want something they can see in a large tank. I have found that smaller are often preferable in a nano setup since they are likely to bump things and knock corals over or into each other. It is really personal preference though, remember to post some pics of those fish! It should be ok to have fish without a skimmer for a short while as well, especially if you don't have any coral yet. I ran my setup for over a year without a skimmer, you just have to be more diligent with your water changes.
  4. Mr Aqua 33.6 - Take 2

    I love the look of your setup. I had the same concern as you over my tank sitting unevenly on my stand. I found a really simple solution was to cut a cheap yoga mat from walmart to the size of the footprint of my tank and place it between the tank and the stand. It gives it just enough cushion to eliminate the issue. I know this information is a little too late for you now that your tank is wet, I just thought I'd share. I am also eager to see how the Kessil works for you. I ran the smaller older version of the Kessil for several years and loved it, but it didn't have quite enough juice to grow SPS, the newer version you are running should grow just about anything you want. Looking forward to watching you stock this!
  5. Coral color loss, almost ready to pack it in

    Glad to hear you are getting better results, you are getting some good advice. I went through the same issues as you when starting out, it took me way longer than I thought it would to achieve good growth in my corals. The spread of coraline algae is a very good sign. Remember that as you change one factor, other things will need to change as well to achieve a good balance. Just enjoying your tank and observing things will help you keep up with this. I think that increasing your light levels will definitely help you get better growth, I imagine you can go a lot brighter if you go slowly and give your corals time to acclimate to the higher levels. Just remember to watch them carefully as bleaching can happen quickly. Hair algae is not good, but its not unusual either, just remember to stay on top of it and remove it as frequently as you can. Eventually once you get your nutrient levels balanced you won't have to deal with it anymore. It is more of a problem if left unchecked and gets out of control. I think feeding more like you are now doing is a good idea as well. I spent over a year worrying about nutrient levels in my tank before I realized that I was underfeeding rather than overfeeding. I now feed my corals a very small amount every day and have much better results and still have low nutrient levels. Its all about finding the balance that works in your tank, sounds like you are well on your way. Good luck!
  6. SPS Dominated 47G Reef

    I agree with the crowd, these shots are amazing, I can't wait to see the FTS. I am curious about your feeding and dosing too, the polyp extension you are getting looks really good.
  7. Phatty's 17 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Thanks 1.0 Sure JR, here it is. My tank is no longer in our living room, its living in the mechanical room of our new house until I can finish the basement reno. Once I have created the new family room space I think I will plumb it through the wall like a peninsula setup. But for now I thought why hide the gear when the tank sits between our furnace and oil tank anyway. I am running the sump lighting on an opposite schedule to the main tank in order to minimize alkalinity swings as best I can since an automatic doser is not in my budget right now. My montipora, pocillipora and digitata are growing very well, and my acros are better than they have ever looked, but I still wouldn't say that I am growing acros as well as I would like to. The water volumes are in the sump and display are close, 17G in the main display and 10G in the sump, but I think the addition of a doser running a two part system is what I need to really tune the system in for acros. I want to wait until I can afford Hanna digital checkers as well because I don't think there is any point in starting a dosing regimen unless I have the ability to measure element levels in my water accurately anyway.
  8. Phatty's 17 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Its been a while and I had the camera out so here are some pictures.
  9. Ruester's 10G Reef Peace - The end is here.....

    Love this tank! Nice colors in your pics. I am jealous of your Orange Spot Watchman Goby. Mine decided to jump the other day and I he is dearly missed, they are great for keeping bristle worms populations in check.
  10. Phatty's 17 Gallon Mixed Reef

    It has been a long time since I have made a tank thread posting as I have been busy with other activities this past while, so here is my rectification of that. Our first son is almost a year old now and keeping up with him has kept me from posting or even just spending as much time online, but my tank is still going strong. The first few weeks after Josh was born I was prevented from giving the tank the amount of attention I normally do and I lost several of our most delicate coral. Because of this more equipment like an auto top off and media reactor have been added to make the tank more stable if I have to leave it for several days. These upgrades have made a big difference, along with the addition of an AI Sol Blue light, and I am now thinking of making a change towards a more SPS focused tank. Here is a video of the tank as of last week. Since the video the tank has been completely re-scaped. Our little boy Josh is mobile and curious now so the tank has been moved from the living room to the basement until Josh is old enough to understand why he shouldn't lick everything! I took the opportunity at this time to drill the tank and add an overflow and sump as well. Hopefully I will grab some time to add pictures of this new setup as well soon. Thanks for following!
  11. Keydiver's Psychedelic Pico 2s

    well you can start by buying it a drink!
  12. SHALLOW Rimless 23g Long

    Great looking setup, scape and photography!
  13. Phatty's 17 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Haha, I am about as far away as I possibly be from you and still be on the same continent, I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  14. We get it, now you are just trolling. I am sorry this is not in the right forum, I was just responding to a thread I thought was interesting.
  15. Phatty's 17 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Thanks guys, here is a recent full tank shot. Things are going well with the tank, some of my corals are growing out of control now, anethelia and kenya trees in particular. I had one recent disappointment though. After successfully keeping a mandarin for several months (feeding him live copepods from a separate culture) I came home to find he had jumped from the tank. I was too late to save him. I hate not knowing what caused the incident, because now I am hesitant to get another one for fear of the same happening in the future. The lamp is custom, made from stainless steel tubing and sheet stock. I am happy to make custom pieces for people, however the shipping usually makes that unreasonable. I am also happy to share drawings and plans as well, its the kind of thing any metal shop could put together with out much trouble, and those are everywhere.