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  1. 45g Long and Shallow

    Lol thanks. For $80 couldn't pass it up.
  2. 45g Long and Shallow

    New pics...
  3. 45g Long and Shallow

    Went to coral con last weekend and it was awesome. Got an awesome clam, a few nice sps frags, and five a can frags. Pics will follow...
  4. Went today and it was awesome!!! Pacific east aquaculture had awesome clams I couldn't pass up for $80...the things were huge and had amazing color. Pacific also had a ton of $10 frags, I picked up 5 acan frags from them. Picked up a couple Ora sps frags and some nice zoas from zoanthids.com. It was a great day!
  5. 45g Long and Shallow

    Thanks, that is why I chose this tank! I am thinking about ordering a fiberglass frag trough online with awesome dimensions. I really want to grow out corals in a frag tank... Thanks, nice clown
  6. 45g Long and Shallow

    One of my fav. Pics.
  7. Not sure about Ocala but Tampa has a few good shops...coral corral, marine warehouse, fish and other itchy stuff, and ocean lifers in palm harbor are all great stores
  8. 45g Long and Shallow

    Thanks Envy!! The tank is doing very well. I have been adding red sea reef energy every other day for three weeks now and I notice a difference in the corals coloration, the colors are def. More vibrant. Thanks for looking
  9. 45g Long and Shallow

    Just did a water change using the new setup. It is really nice to use the valves to fill up my buckets instead of scooping the water out of the trash cans with the buckets lol.
  10. 45g Long and Shallow

    Finally got my water situation in check...before I constructed this setup I had the brutes outside and I had to carry my Rodi outside too, what a pita that was lol. Thanks for looking.
  11. 45g Long and Shallow

    Thanks froggy! The pars have been great so far.
  12. 45g Long and Shallow

    Wow 6'x18"x18 would be perfect. Now I want one too. Thanks for the compliment I have been adding Red Sea reef energy for about a week and I think I am starting to notice a change in the corals color. Everything is really coloring up nicely.
  13. 45g Long and Shallow

    BRS order is in and reactor installed! Picked up an antenna goby at the lfs today but all of my fish were picking on him so I turned the lights off. I hope he makes a burrow soon. I need to pick up a good calcium test kit ASAP as I have a BRS 2 part kit just sitting in the closet...totally forgot the test kit at the lfs today.
  14. 36G - A small measure of Reef

    Awesome pics Andre!
  15. 45g Long and Shallow

    Just placed an order from Bulk Reef Supply...2 part kit, a BRS reactor, carbon, GFO, and some RODI fittings. I finally set up a utility sink in my garage and mounted my RODI. I am going to build a shelf for my Brute trash cans to the left of the sink. Tomorrow I will be heading to a few LFS for some more SPS!!! Thanks for looking...