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  1. bump part out. tank and stand: $100. Everything $300 Everything must go by this weekend.
  2. Must go ASAP due to move. More pics to come. Everything here: $500 OBO Pickup only. Fontana, CA. BRAND NEW (in box and/or ever touched water) 20 gal high AGA display tank drilled with Glass-Holes nano con dientes overflow box and return kit installed. back painted black Sicce 1.5 return pump Bubble Magus 3.5+ skimmer w/ pump pre-cut baffles for 10 gal AGA sump( custom cut by Tapp Plastics) 1 black flexible PVC for overflow 1/2" lack vinyl tubing for return Georg Wye check valve Aquatic life light hangers x2 Pine aquarium stand. custom made. painted black doors open just wide enough to easily fit 10 gal AGA sump removable shelf Aquamaxx Eco- rock Dry Live Rock Miscellaneous plumbing supplies USED 10 gal AGA tank( for sump) Natural Pine aquarium stand. Aqua C Remora w/ MJ 1200 Aqua Medic 150watt DE HQI MH pendant with 14K Phoenix bulb.
  3. Thanks. I'm getting a larger setup after I move.sigh.
  4. nice. can you give some specs?
  5. hope you have adequate lights for the anemone. I'm not sure I would've put an anemone in such a new tank. good luck though!
  6. that's cool. I was debating btween a brown wavy toadstool leather vs a torch, vs hammer coral to host a true perc. what do you suggest?
  7. aiptasia
  8. just testingg the macro on my canon s3is
  9. cute, just wish sps acros were safe from him!
  10. nice, what r the specs? r u gonna keep sps or clams?
  11. nice start. what kinda light is that? what r the specs? planning any sps or clams?