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  1. bump part out. tank and stand: $100. Everything $300 Everything must go by this weekend.
  2. Must go ASAP due to move. More pics to come. Everything here: $500 OBO Pickup only. Fontana, CA. BRAND NEW (in box and/or ever touched water) 20 gal high AGA display tank drilled with Glass-Holes nano con dientes overflow box and return kit installed. back painted black Sicce 1.5 return pump Bubble Magus 3.5+ skimmer w/ pump pre-cut baffles for 10 gal AGA sump( custom cut by Tapp Plastics) 1 black flexible PVC for overflow 1/2" lack vinyl tubing for return Georg Wye check valve Aquatic life light hangers x2 Pine aquarium stand. custom made. painted black doors open just wide enough to easily fit 10 gal AGA sump removable shelf Aquamaxx Eco- rock Dry Live Rock Miscellaneous plumbing supplies USED 10 gal AGA tank( for sump) Natural Pine aquarium stand. Aqua C Remora w/ MJ 1200 Aqua Medic 150watt DE HQI MH pendant with 14K Phoenix bulb.
  3. Classic 20H reef setup.

    Thanks. I'm getting a larger setup after I move.sigh.
  4. Classic 20H reef setup.

    Thanks. Make me an offer if you're nearby!
  5. Classic 20H reef setup.

    Fontana, CA. Can somebody show me how to load pics.
  6. Classic 20H reef setup.

    Never had a chance to set it up and now we're moving. Never touched water. Most items brand new and still available in original packaging. 20H AGA( drilled for return and overflow, back painted black) Custom stand( black with adjustable shelf.Width of door sized just right to fit 10gal AGA sump) Glassholes nano con dientes 1"overflow w/ lid. Locline 1/2"return and nozzle. 1/2" black vinyl tubing for return 1" black flex PVC for drain. 10 gal AGA sump with custom cut acrylic baffles rto create your own pressure locking sump baffles. See "pressure locking sump baffles" on wetwebmediadotcom and elssewhere online. Bubble Magus NAC 3+ skimmer with pump. Aquamedic Ocean light MH pendant with hanging kit( brand new 14K Phoenix150watt DE HQI bulb included.) Sicce 1.5 return pump. Asking $250 obo Pickup only. Can throw in a brand new pair oof light hangers from aquaric life as well for another$50. Please excuse the horrible pics and the mess in the garage.
  7. i'm planning on a gal aga sump divided into 3 compartments: 1.drain from DT into kimmer compartment 2. refugium in middle 3. return pump compartment. what is the best way to plumb a chiller? i wanted to T off return pump and have chiller output into the drain compartment, but i heard it might not be good for chiller to be after the refugium due to refugium stuff that might accumulate in it. I'd like to avoid getting 2nd pump just forchiller if possible.
  8. Sump?

    w plan and wait.
  9. GH super nano con dientes vs 700 OF kit for 20H

    thanks for the heads up. Anybody else with this issue? Should I plan on getting the 1/2" bulkead from another vendor?
  10. Can't decide b/w the Gl*******s nano con dientes w/ a 1/2" locline return vs the 700gph overflow kit w/ a 3/4" locline return for a 20H reef w/ a 10 gal sump/refugium. i liike the con dientes model due to smaller footprint and i can dial down the flow to the sump/refugium to almost nothing( 0-300 gph), but I'm concerned the 1" drain would be more prone to clogging than the larger 1.5" drain of the 700 model. i like the 700 model w/ 3/4 " locline return because I can easily use it for future upgrades and the 3/4" return line would work better w/ the chiller I'm looking at,but I'm concerned the 200gph minimal flow (200-500gph)would be too much for a 10 gal sump/refugium. Is it?( I plan to have some LS, LR and chaeto in it. Also the 3/4" locline return lmay look huge in my 20H I think. Any advice?
  11. Mt. [error@] ....

    Be well, Love your 20H reef. It inspires me. Sorry about the loss though anythning you would've done differently? - glass holes super nano con diente vs 700 gph model? - 1/2" vs 3/4 ' returns? - drilled returns? - 1xmp10 vs 2xmp 10 vs 1xmp 20 vs 2x tunze 6055s? - any changes to sump design/size? tunze 1073.05 for return pump? thanks! and come back real soon!
  12. FS: brand new lifereef nano overflow.

    for the folks who didn't pm me sorry for the late reply. I don't check the forum here very often. anyhow, i bought the whole thing brand new just earlier this year for $147. it's still unused new condition. i'm hoping to get $110 + shipping for it. pm me if you are still interested and need pics. HL
  13. looking to sell my brand new Lifereef nano siphon overflow w/ silencer and extra siphon tube. Bought earlier this year but won't have a chance to setup my new nano after all. Pics available. PM me if interested.