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  1. Sold

    I<3nanotanks, please quit PMing me to buy my rock, and then posting in my for sale thread to sell your own rock. Thanks. Here are some pictures of the rock. Very nice coraline, one rock has a huge yellow sponge, one rock has like 100 zoas, another has a hollywood stunner chalice, good stuff. Free sand and chaeto. Come get it! Cheap!!
  2. Sold

    Still for sale
  3. Sold

    Dang I could have sworn I did, I remember seeing your name. Still for sale!
  4. Sold

    Still for sale!
  5. Sold

    Bump. Still for sale. Replied to all PMs (zoom2zoom your inbox was full)
  6. WTB 30" light fixture

    I have a 30'' AquaticLife Fixture for sale with 4 new ATI bulbs at a great price. PM me again or check the link: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=288260 I replied to your first PM asking to buy it, but got no response.
  7. Sold

    Yes i would ship the rock provided you pay for shipping, but I'm not sure how much shipping would cost on top of 40lbs of rock + water to keep it alive. Bump for a great price.... the rock has corals and sponges on them, in addition to coraline pods etc
  8. Sold

    I will check today if the place is open, and will get back to you
  9. Sold

    Here is a picture of the skimmer. The accessories are not in the photo, but will be included with the skimmer. The skimmer was just cleaned with , although it looks a little dirty.
  10. Sold

    I have a few large pieces and only one or two small ones. Let me know if you would like to come take a look
  11. Sold

    Still for sale. Awesome deal! AaronHartwell, the legs that come with the fixture are adjustable, so it could fit a 24''!
  12. Sold

    Lowered price.. $125 + shipping.