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  1. Nuvo 16 and Micro bubbles

    As the system seasoned, the micro bubbles diminished till there were almost none at all. Then once I added an ATO, I raised the water level just a little bit and they went away completely.
  2. Feeding tailspot blenny

    Feed him at a rate that he pretty much eats it as you give it to him. It shouldn't take long as he's a little fish.
  3. Feeding tailspot blenny

    I feed my tailspot finely ground herbivore flakes and meaty frozen foods.
  4. Adding a firefish

    I had a firefish and he has been my only saltwater casualty in two years of keeping a nano. He lived with my YWG and pistol no problem for 8 months before I moved. After moving, it was a whole 'nother story. Within about an hour I heard a bunch of snapping and by the time I could get the rock work apart the firefish was dead. He wedged himself inside of the burrow in between some rocks and apparently couldn't get away from the scared pistol and the guarding goby. So far, that's my lowest point in the hobby. He was such a neat fish.
  5. tailspot blenny question

    That's what I've got in my display tank waiting for my Tailspot Blenny who's in quarantine. Right now he's in a tank that will be broken down once he checks out a-okay. The tank is a Biocube 14 filled with live rock. He doesn't really use the rock that much. He's got a single perch that he likes and a little nook for sleeping. I really thought that he'd use the rock more.
  6. CUC One Week Time Lapse

    Wow. Sweet gifs. I'm not surprised though. The CUC packs are an amazing value.
  7. Pistol Shrimp killing cleanup crew

    I have a couple of red leg hermits that never learn. They get dragged into the burrow and eventually climb their way out. My scarlet legged hermits on the other hand seem to have figured out that if they traverse the tank on top of the rocks then they're safe. The change in their behavior has been quite interesting.
  8. Pistol Shrimp killing cleanup crew

    It's not about preventing him from starving to death. It's about reducing cleanup crew losses.
  9. Pistol Shrimp killing cleanup crew

    In the past I've had trouble getting food to my pistol shrimp. My clown and even his goby buddy would gulp food down as fast as it went into the water. I mean, they would take every last pellet to the point where both would hold food in their mouths because they were too full to eat what they had. All the while the pistol would search like mad looking for a morsel. That's when the cleanup crew faced danger. To fix that I picked up a syringe and put a length of airline hose onto the end. I suck up some pellets in water and give a squirt right by the pistol shrimp. Now he's happy and quite non-murderous.
  10. Need Live sand?

    Because it's likely loaded with a lot of dirt and other bits that you don't want in your tank.
  11. where to buy fish?

    I paid $35 at the local store for the fish without a 14 day guarantee. Online ordering even in low volume is becoming more and more tempting.
  12. where to buy fish?

    I got my tailspot blenny last Friday from a somewhat local store. (Pushing an hour away) It was a special order so in the end I saved about $10 vs. going with LiveAquaria. The savings wasn't as much as I had hoped.
  13. Black Clown Goby

    I stopped at an LFS this afternoon just to browse. I'm looking for something that will take to the barnacle cluster in my tank. Heck, that's why I bought it. Anyway, at the store I found a black clown goby and was intrigued. After some reading up on the species I found that they like to hang out in various corals. At the moment I don't have any. It's just plain jane fish with live rock. Would the black clown goby take up residence in a barnacle? I don't want to get one and have it all stressed out because the environment isn't right. Thanks.
  14. Innovative Marine

  15. Too many snails in Reefcleaners.org order?

    I got my order last week and it included a whole pile of dwarf ceriths. At first most of them climbed up the front of the tank and some even up and out. A week later you can obviously see that there are a bunch of snails in the tank but if I described the initial scene you'd think I was telling a tall tale. Most of them have blended in.