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  1. Prepping for my move stateside in a few months. Picked up new toy
  2. I pine for a macro lens some days
  3. Added another cherry shrimp, bringing the total too either 3 or 4, another generic snail, as well as two tiny fish I can only assume are danios of some kind. I'll try and get a picture of them eventually. I also replaced the GEX filter because the propeller rattled quite a bit, with a Tetra brand that is much slimmer and quieter.
  4. Betta fish did not live filter. RIP
  5. Cycle should be complete. Snail, cherry shrim, and betta live here as well as several plants. Cleaner picture after I clean this week.
  6. Not a bad idea! Eventually I want to switch to a set of glass pipes and a canister, but that's when I got that sweet $$$. There's a breed of *tiny* tetra-like fish local here that I plan on collecting. Thinking 3-4 of them, and then maybe a showcase shrimp.
  7. Indeed, and only cost like 6,000Y after the light too.
  8. Messy messy
  9. ohh that makes sense