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  1. I have a tank too

    Prepping for my move stateside in a few months. Picked up new toy
  2. I have a tank too

  3. I have a tank too

    I pine for a macro lens some days
  4. I have a tank too

    Added another cherry shrimp, bringing the total too either 3 or 4, another generic snail, as well as two tiny fish I can only assume are danios of some kind. I'll try and get a picture of them eventually. I also replaced the GEX filter because the propeller rattled quite a bit, with a Tetra brand that is much slimmer and quieter.
  5. I have a tank too

  6. I have a tank too

  7. I have a tank too

    Betta fish did not live filter. RIP
  8. I have a tank too

    Cycle should be complete. Snail, cherry shrim, and betta live here as well as several plants. Cleaner picture after I clean this week.
  9. I have a tank too

    Not a bad idea! Eventually I want to switch to a set of glass pipes and a canister, but that's when I got that sweet $$$. There's a breed of *tiny* tetra-like fish local here that I plan on collecting. Thinking 3-4 of them, and then maybe a showcase shrimp.
  10. I have a tank too

    Indeed, and only cost like 6,000Y after the light too.
  11. I have a tank too

  12. I have a tank too

  13. I have a tank too

    Messy messy
  14. I have a tank too

    ohh that makes sense