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  1. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    My original intention was to make it a bommie reef, but I think it doesn't really work well at this scale. I'm happy to hear that it looks that way lol
  2. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    The sandstorm has subsided!
  3. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    So I'm about a month late, but it's finally running!
  4. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    I've been running the tank with water now for about a week to see how my mp10 would work and to observe how much water evaporated on average. Evap wasn't a real issue but there seems to be a bit of particulate going into the tank due to our overhead fan. I may run a aquaclear 20 to add some mechanical filtration. Live Rock will be in the tank at the beginning of next month if everything goes according to plan
  5. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    Update: Decided to move the tank to the bedroom. I Couldn't stand the thought of it busting open and ruining my computer The LED light is complete for the most part. Here is a breakdown of the specs: 3 Cree 3up (2RB1NW) 3 420nm Violets 1 OCW w/ 90 degree Optics 3 nano led drivers from rapid LED 0-10v 700ma 6x6" low profile heat sink 120mm low profile fan 9 inch gooseneck mounting kit from cnc-reef All of it is wired using cat5 ethernet cable. Next step is to take my Apex off my vivarium(what became of my 40 breeder!). It's only running the lights and a mistking now, so I'll need to get a couple of timers to replace it. With the Apex I plan on using the 0-10v dimming to create sunrise/sunset and cloud cover.
  6. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    More info later!
  7. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    The whole thing minus the guard is about 1 inch thick. Working on getting an enclosure done this weekend.
  8. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    LED parts are trickling in now. Hopefully I'll have some progress to show this weekend.
  9. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    Rock and crap is the foundation of a healthy reef
  10. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    You and I both
  11. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    Yo yo! Whats up pismo! As of right now the plan is to keep the tank "low tech"(lol). I'll be running the mp10 but no other filtration/dosing as I'll be relying on weekly water changes to keep everything stable. As for inhabitants, it's going to softies and LPS and lots of inverts and gobies. I changed my plans for the light . Without giving away too much here are some keywords: Full spectrum, Low profile. Custom built, clouds
  12. Relapse - 7.5 gallon Desktop Tank

    Thanks man! Wait until you see what I'm planning
  13. Current FTS: -Mr. Aqua 7.5 Gallon Cube -MP10 -Custom LED fixture -Apex controller -Some rock and crap
  14. display macroalgae for sale

    Trying to send you a PM!
  15. The Tank of Monte Cristo

    Long time no talk. Got something awesome in the mail as a belated birthday present from the girlfriend. It starts with Ecotech and ends with mp10