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  1. algea on sand

    First off, I want to say that the Coralline algae on your LR is wonderful. Now, what you have is called Cyanobacteria. Its very common, and not a big problem. Get one Nassa snail per 5 gallons. They'll sift through the sand, and your Cyanobacteria will be gone soon.
  2. Irony at it's best...

    Very ironic!
  3. Im001306

    Is it just me, or does that look a lot smaller than 50 gallons?
  4. Turbo the Yellow Spotted Lizard

    That is a beared dragon, not a yellow spotted lizard.
  5. aggressive clown

    Bait him into the net, or just be really fast with the net just after you feed him. Josh
  6. Jawfish not eating

    I don't have a jaw fish, but I would recommend putting some food on a Shish kabob stick, and putting it at the entrance/exit of a burrow. Josh
  7. What sand sifters do you use?

    Nassa snails are the best bet. They live in the sand, so they hermits would have a very hard time killing them. Josh
  8. good crab? bad crab?

    not a sally lightfoot.
  9. Do you use reef keeping books as a source of information?

    Of course I think every one should, I also use the internet, but it isn't enough. Josh
  10. Is Marshal Island the best live rock?

    Wow, a lot happend while I was gone. Lol.
  11. Is Marshal Island the best live rock?

    Well, thanks for the opinions, I like the look of Fiji, I like the idea about using tonga for arches, but I think that Marshal is the best in terms of efficiency. Thanks, Josh
  12. is this bad?

    Same here.
  13. Is Marshal Island the best live rock?

    Jmt and brook, I love your aquascaping. Thanks, Josh
  14. Is Marshal Island the best live rock?

    Alright, thanks, any other thoughts? Thanks, Josh
  15. coral_116

    I emailed you for the specs, but in case you didn't get the email, what are the specs? Thanks, Josh