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  1. Sorry I'm late.... We have been very busy as a family. Struggle bus- Mariaface Best growth- Spectra Photography- CoralCousins Colorful- SeaFurn Enthusiasm- I'm going to vote me because the person who was the most Enthusiasm already won one of the big prizes. Most pest- Luu78
  2. Picture from the eclipse today. (cell phone picture)
  3. Hey Kat is there a way you can update my most recent FTS in the polls? I posted one yesterday.
  4. 100 Days of Nanos - Official Contestant FTS thread.

    Final FTS!!!!
  5. Updated List. EQUIPMENT Tank: Innovative Marine 14 Gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula Aquarium $284.99 Pump: Stock Pump Powerhead: Sicce Voyager Nano $18 Heater: Eheim Jager TruTemp 50 Watt Filtration: Intank Filter Floss Holder SAND AND ROCK Sand: 10LBS CaribSea Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand Rock: 8.5LBS Dry Base Rock LIVESTOCK Fish: ORA Neon Goby $18.19(Took back to fish store beacuse of ich) Rainfordi Goby $13.99(MIA) Lemon Chromis 1x 6.99 Yellow tail Damsel 1x 6.99 Coral: Zoas $13.99 Green/Pink Star Polyps $13.99 Orange Sponge $13.99 Wiskers/Duncan Coral $15 Inverts: 4x Nerite Snails $1.99 Pink Pincushion Urchin $7.99 Mexican Turbo Snail $2.99 Livestock Total: $122.07
  6. Sorry we have been crazy busy I'm doing a full update right now with A lot of pics. Boys picked out new fish today and put them in the tank they are so excited.
  7. FS: Ice Cap ATO

  8. FS: Ice Cap ATO

    Ok invoice is sent
  9. FS: Ice Cap ATO

    Ok $90 shipped lets get this thing gone
  10. FS: Ice Cap ATO

  11. FS: Ice Cap ATO

  12. FS: Ice Cap ATO

    Morning bump
  13. FS: Ice Cap ATO

    I have a 3 month old Ice Cap ATO for sale. It is in amazing condition and still has 9 months of warranty left. It has 2 pumps with it the first one I had came in and the shaft was broken so they sent me a new pump. It can be used as a back up if the original pump craps out but the shaft is still in good shape. The hose has been cut to fit my set up it might still work with yours. If not worse case you will have to get new tubing. Asking $100 shipped USPS priority mail Payment will be on paypal only. Here is a link to it at Marine Depot: https://www.marinedepot.com/IceCap_Auto_Top_Off_ATO_Auto_Top_Off_Units-IceCap-CV28606-FIDPAT-vi.html
  14. 100 Days of Nanos - Official Contestant FTS thread.

    Sorry we have been slacking we want to get fish this weekend and take a bunch of pictures to finish it out.