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  1. Thanks Im aware of the struggles your having with your tank as well.
  2. I haven't posted a FTS since everything went downhill but here it is. Its not as great as it once was. and a bonus pic.
  3. So I tested my water for the first time in 6 months and the results are surprisingly good. SG 1.025 CAL: 480ppm ALK: 3.0 meq/l 8.4 DKH MAG: 1300 ppm NO3: 10 PO4: .06 Also today is my water change day Ill be doing a 20% water change so not bad for water change day.
  4. This is sorcery your a wizard.
  5. I payed $30 for it I was saying when I use to work for the LFS we would get them in bags of like 30 with all kinds of color morphs we sold them for $10 a pop they only cost us $2-3 from the supplier.......but those days are gone
  6. I guess I might get on the rock flower nem band wagon..... when I use to work for the lfs we got these for like $2-3 a nem and sold them for $10 all kinds of color morphs now the price on them is crazy of well same thing with Zoas but here it is.
  7. Thanks Chris I have decided to keep the SPS I have in there but I have no plans on adding more. I want to stick with leathers,zoas, and Lps is the game plan now. But... the SPS bug could always bite me again at any point.
  8. Just picked up. 1/2 GALLON - BRS 2 PART CALCIUM & ALKALINITY TOTAL PACKAGEthanks for the group buy!
  9. Yay 20,000 views!!
  10. Trying to figure out if I just want to switch the tank to lps and softies only. Hmmmmm..
  11. Thank you its been hard but everything is on a rebuild my credit is back up so we can finally get a house. We also just found out we are expecting our 3rd child! Thanks for your support also I finally took some pictures of the tank now that it is on the rebound. Heres the new guy. The devil
  12. Well after pulling out dead coral and rescaped everything. This is all I'm left with I am quite devastated hopefully everything will bounce back nicely and fill back in.
  13. So a lot has happened over the last little bit my mother was going through her 3rd battle with cancer and passed away 12-10-2015 I am only 24 so this has effected me a lot. Thank goodness for my wife and kids otherwise it would be very hard to get through. but for the last 2 and a half months I have not been wanting to do anything since my tank has gone to garbage. a lot of dead stuff and messed up equipment. I am going to try to redo everything today do a large water change and rescape the fish tank. Thank you to all who read this if you have any ideas on which direction I should go on the escape please feel free to comment below thanks.
  14. Sold