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  1. Yep the powerheads have a 3 year warranty and the pumps have a 5 year warranty.
  2. Picked up 4 Nerite snails today still not for sure if it adds to livestock cost or not. If it does its $7.99 total
  3. I have had 3 Jebao go out on me I have there controllers and powers adapters but the powerhead part always catches fire after about a year. Believe it or not I have never used a tunze pump but I have never ever heard a bad thing about them nothing but positives from everyone.
  4. Have them hooked up to a apex.
  5. Sicce has its own wave maker but it's pricy compared to other options that will work just as good. $114.99 The Hydor smart wave will work and it's on sale $47.99
  6. Get a Sicce 0.5 pump to replace the stock pump. It has a 5 year warranty and it's pretty solid. $42.99 Or the Sicce 1.0 for $56.99 and two sicce voyager nanos for flow. has a 3 year warranty and can work with any wave controller you hook to them. $35.99x2 That comes to... 0.5 with 2x nanos (685gph total) bundle $114.97 1.0 with 2 nanos (751 GPH total) bundle $128.97
  7. Not if there dead Thats a good question? @metrokat
  8. Yea the white pops a lot better.
  9. Order this and you are all set. @johnmaloney is the best there is.
  10. Awesome! also here is one with white writing @stellablue