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  1. Apple iPad 3rd Gen. Retina 16gb -- Black

    Is this still for sale?
  2. Those rocks look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. FS: Some Zoas and Palys

    Can I get a better pic of the Paradise pls!
  4. Beauty of Nudibranchs

  5. Helfrichi in a 6 gal?

    My LFS has had them for $120 a pair.
  6. Utter Chaos Pricing?

    $20 on the low end.......... $40 on the high.
  7. Acan colony pack FS

    This guy is legit.... Seen him plenty of times on R2R and have heard nothing but good things on his FS: threads. Awesome corals for a great price
  8. Monsters from Space

    Frag those bad boys!
  9. Unique nano fish

    Tail spot blenny...... Kinda scetchy at first, but a personality you can't beat! I had one and loved it..... It was hilarious the way he would perch on random things in the tank..... Then he jumped out, that was a sad day.
  10. ADA 90P 48g -> Now 90g Rimless

    Those rocks are sick!!!! Sweet scape and livestock
  11. Student - big budget but even bigger perfectionist

    Absolutely..... That's what I did. This process avoids many pests that you can commonly find on LR. Just select your piece of LR very carefully. You don't need much

    Albert, thanks fir the advice on the rainbow bta yesterday. I recieved it today and am currently acclimating. The mouth is gaping a little, it is deflated, and sticking to one side of the bag. Does this sound normal so far? Transit time was less than 18 hours, thanks again.

    Albert, lots of good info on this thread..... Thank you so much for your great input. Now..... Here is my question, I am getting a rainbow BTA shipped to me tomorrow and will be picking it up at the fedex center in the morning. I have never had a nem shipped to me before. What is your recommended acclimation procedure? I have read many different things online and would love to get your advice. Thanks!
  14. Rainbow BTA'S FS

    Wow.... Very nice. Great deal! :)
  15. Wtb: Mp-10 foam cover

    As the title says.... Just looking for the foam cover. Who's got one?