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  1. Used for a year in my RO/DI trashcan to pump water out. Never used in saltwater. It's just the pump no accessories. See photo. $40 bucks shipped.
  2. $25 bucks shipped. Used for a year. Everything in picture is included. It does not have the pipette. This high quality refractometer is extremely accurate and easy to use and calibrate. Calibration is simply done with a few drops of distilled water. This model also features ATC (automatic temperature compensation). Adjustable eyepiece Carrying case Calibration screw driver Range for Testing: 0-28% Division: 0.20%
  3. I have an un-opened bottle of Prime 500 ml (16.9 oz) treats up to 5000 gallons and a un-opened Purigen bag 100ml treats 100 gallons for sale. I will include a bottle of SeaGel by Seachem which is about 1/4 full. $10 bucks free shipping. SOLD
  4. I have a used Urchin for $75 bucks. Works perfect. I will include 2 used pumps with it. They are MJ 1200. You really can't break these skimmers. I lost the injector screw one time and AquaC sent me a replacement for free. They are a great company and make great skimmers. $75 paypal only free shipping.
  5. 2 ecoxotic 12K/445nm modules. They are gen 2 with the reflectors. They were hanging so no burn out or any burn looking marks on the leds. They work great. IMO make sure you hang them down or use long screws to keep a good distance. No not lay flush or they could burn out over time. Comes with 3 way splitter and transformer. $60 bucks free shipping. Paypal only. SOLD
  6. Radion was purchased on 5/16/13 from Marine Depot. I broke down my 75 gallon so no longer needed. Works great no burn out on any leds. I'm including the hanging kit. Note the wires have already been cut on the kit. It ran at 60%. Paypal only. SOLD
  7. macros in new tank

    Exactly. After your cycle a CUC could knock that out in 3 days.
  8. WTB True Todds Torch.

    With the right color saturation in PS and leds every torch is neon green.
  9. Interesting News

  10. FS: Florida Ricordia group buy

    Just stating the obvious. My apologies. Good luck. I would ask for the thread to be closed and move on.
  11. FS: Florida Ricordia group buy

    Sounds like you guys weren't getting the whole story from the beginning. I still think blaming people for ordering heat packs, when the heat packs were clearly misused is comical.