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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Still don't know what caused the issue. I am going to chalk it up to either temp or alk shock which seem to be some of the most common causes of base STN that I can research. Being stubborn... I wanted to try it again and went out and bought a good size Acan frag, Red Planet frag, pink birdsnest, and another random encrusting sps. I modified my coral acclimation process a bit to be a bit more effective... all additions seem to be doing fine so far, 4 days in, and no sign of STN.
  2. Bump. Any suggestions on what I could look into? I don't have much algae growth and was feeding my fish every other day... could nutrients be too low? (I didn't think that was possible for SPS...) Forgot to note. Temp 78-79 SG 1.026
  3. Light is a Nano Box Reef Quad. Original corals were under a Radion Gen 3... so didn't acclimate other than putting them on the low light areas of the tank (and typically move to center and then up...). No dosing. Don't have the consumption required for dosing just yet.
  4. Tank has been set up since July 2015. Last few months I got really busy and a negligent on maintenance due to work schedule and lost some of my SPS. I think it was due to a temp spike + skimmer failure causing a drastic and sudden condition change... I recently did a huge husbandry weekend getting everything cleaned up, replaced my sump, re-tuned skimmer, redid my scape, etc... LOTS of changes which I know doesn't go well with corals. However... all my current corals left, BTAs, are doing great and growing. I have a single birdsnest doing well. So I go add 3 pieces of SPS from my LFS, another birdsnest, a bonsai frag (1/2") and another unknown acro... acclimated to temp, dipped for 20 minutes, rinsed off, and put in tank. All three started to get STN on their base in less than 12 hours! The birdsnest still has great PE from whats still alive. Parameters all appear clean... Po4 - 0 No3 - 0 Ca - 450 Alk - 9.5-10 Mg - 1320 I run carbon, GFO, and purigen. I have a Vertex 130 skimmer. Lighting is a NBR Quad. Every time I search, the most common issues are low alk, high phosphates, or low magnesium... none of those seem to be an issue. No signs of flat worms, red bugs, or nuisance critters. BTAs, Torch, Zoas, all doing well... my single birds nest has doubled in size in two months. What am I missing or what else can I check?
  5. Finally getting around to an update... The last two quarters have been ruthless and my tank suffered due to lack of time to maintain it. I also had my Vertex pump impeller break at the shaft which after reading... isn't uncommon. Current FTS Changes since last post... Upgraded to an Gyre XF-150. Major improvement in flow. Upgraded sump to Eshopps R-200. Added a Rose BTA shortly after the last update... has since split. Added a Yellow Watchman Goby and Bicolor Blenny. Lost most of my SPS, Jawfish, and two female Anthias. SPS died from an unknown cause... I think it was a heater malfunction or loss of skimmer. I do have to make a comment... this is the first and last CAD product I will ever buy. I don't even know where to begin with this mess. I'll start with the two good things... The tank is well built, and I do like the artisan stand... but outside of that the rest of the filler items are just that... filler and worthless for anyone spending a good amount of money setting up a tank. Plumbing - The CAD plumbing is a metric/proprietary set up. The bulkheads are literally the worst part of this tank and worst bulkheads I have ever used. The ID of the drilled holes are too small for conventional bulkheads so you cannot convert them into normal bulkheads. I DID change out the main drain as it gave me so many issues, I did have to grind the ID to fit a 1" bulkhead... but boy was it worth the headache to get rid of the stock plumbing. (For anyone interested, the main drain ID is around 1.625", maybe a hair less.) Sump - The sump design was worthless. Literally, without an ATO, it won't work. Skimmer - Skimmer was OK... nothing special, never performed as I would expect. Accessories - Everything that came with the Artisan kit was worthless. The refugium light was worthless and can't support a refugium. The return pump was chintzy and loud. Customer Service - I read awful things about their customer service but wrote the reviews off as probably just a few bad experiences. I got to witness first hand... their customer service is sub par. From the extreme delays on the initial order, to not fulfilling a promotion, not trying to assist to fix issues with the plumbing, and giving me bad information. I don't expect a company to get everything right, everyone makes mistakes, but I couldn't believe how many strike outs I had. Oh and new livestock for my wife's birthday...
  6. Well, I finally got an e-mail response from CAD on the size... only after they tried to sell me a new plumbing kit. (Refused to sell just the bulkhead or nipples.) They stated the main drain ID was 1.75"... boy were they off. I planned on the 1.75" and downsizing their 1.25" proprietary drain/plumbing to a 1" standard bulkhead and 1" PVC. Shut the tank down, drained the overflow section and started disassembling their crappy plumbing which by itself took over an hour without any help. Ruined most of it in the process. Turns out the ID was only 1.625" or slightly smaller... was difficult to get a good measurement. My first thought, how the hell does a manufacturer selling a specific plumbing kit get this wrong? This was a 2015 Artisan tank, so it's current product/current specs. Well, having ruined the previous plumbing trying to get them out... I had to improvise and take a small diamond hole saw and grind the existing whole to a size large enough to fit the 1" bulkhead. Not something I wanted to attempt... but did it successfully... it is just stupid how easy normal bulkheads are to install over their craptastic plumbing kit. Being in manufacturing myself, I probably am more critical about this type of issue and every other issues I have had with this product.
  7. That's my fear. They aren't true bulkheads... at least nothing I am accustom to. I don't know what to even call them but its a nipple in between two female ends with a gasket on each side. It probably would be fine, but the nipple is 1/4" too long and is impossible to get a good seal. At least that's what I am thinking... this is my third tear down of this plumbing. CAD, any input on the typical ID of the drain hole so I can attempt to find a legitimate bulkhead?
  8. CAD, can you give me the ID of the drain and return holes? If possible, the dimensions between them... I need to replace the supplied plumbing and need to see what if any other bulk heads will fit. Thanks
  9. Nano Box Tide, Duo, Quad Animation Video

    Fantastic video! Good job. Looking forward to get my next order in!
  10. FREE NanoBox Reef Mini Tide : Contest Time!

    Simple = Diamond plate, chrome and black finish. Exotic = Clear acrylic with circuit board patterned inlaid pulsing LED powered by small battery.
  11. Good looking out but to expand what I mean't... Scrub and put in a bleach and water solution, rinse in RODI, let air dry for a few days. Then do a small dip in muriatic acid mix, rinse in RODI, and then let air dry again. Then rinse in RODI again before adding to tank.
  12. Thanks guys. I did the muriatic acid bath before... aggressive stuff even at 1:20. I will attempt scrub, water/bleach, and a quick muriatic acid dip.
  13. Ok, so from builds years ago. We have some old Tampa Bay live rock that is still some of the best rock we have come across. There are a few pieces that after the break down of tanks, made their way outside (no chemicals or contaminated areas). What is the recommended way to clean those? 1. 50/50 bleach & water? 2. 1/10 hydrochloric acid? Thanks!
  14. Nano Box QUAD Arrived! When I first got back into this and was planning this build. I browsed the forums and saw this so called "Nano Box" light. I brushed it off like one of those black box lights. Then kept seeing the name, over and over. So I looked into it... looked interesting enough, priced competitively, and had some customization of colors. Color was a big thing as my wife wanted it to blend in as a piece of furniture and she wanted white. White stand, white light. If you look for white LED lights, you are basically limited to AI and I am not a fan. So I anxiously bit the bullet on a NBR Quad. Now over the tank and wow I am impressed. The construction, the size, color, spread, etc... all first class. Extremely happy with the purchase. There is simply no other light on the market that offers what the NBR line does.
  15. Fish recommendation

    I have had crappy luck with Yellowtail damsels being assholes. Others may have had better experiences but I wouldn't risk stressing out your expensive clowns or your helfrichi for a $6 fish. Blue is actually a hard color for our size tanks. I would attempt a cherub angel before the damsel.