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  1. jmt

    3.3ga Pico

    I had some issues with the Ekip. Sand kept jamming up the impeller. To be honest, it's too large for the tank. I've ordered a short 25w heater and a small 1" powerhead. They should be here within a week or so. I also ordered a 28w PC fixture to replace the LEDs. It was discontinued though so now I'm looking for a new solution. The LED fixture is nice, but I can't mount it high enough to give a nice, even coverage and color spread. On to some new pics. Obligatory clownfish: Black Limpet Sea Squirt
  2. jmt

    Tank finally up

  3. jmt

    3.3ga Pico

    2/8/12 - Corals!
  4. jmt

    3.3ga Pico

  5. jmt

    3.3ga Pico

    Equipment List: Deep Blue Professional 5B (18x6x7") Hydor Ekip 100 BeamsWork 11" 9x1w LED Scale: Scape: Flow/Heat: Light: I'll re-up with better pics once the tank settles down.
  6. jmt

    Wet's Battery powered air top-off...$10.

    This is still rolling around? Nalgene type, Lexan bottles work the best.
  7. jmt

    40Breeder....thanks for teh werds....

    Poor BK. You have so much to learn.
  8. jmt

    40Breeder....thanks for teh werds....

    Who's going to make the "Team Suicide Prevention" dog tags. That's wtf I'm wondering.
  9. jmt


    Damnit. I need a DSLR camera an CS2.
  10. jmt

    Nashville, TN Frag Swap 1/17/09

    I should come and get rid of all this reef stuff I have. Hrm...
  11. jmt

    13w PC Clip-On Light

    http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...mp;pcatid=15493 That 9w might work for me. Anyone have experience with it?