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  1. Reverse Osmosis Water

    If you use 2GPD it would cost you $1.30/day for walmart distilled....at that rate you could of bought a $125 RO unit in 97 days....
  2. whats the best goby/shrimp combo?

    Were do you get them? are they common in LFS? which shrimp works the best?
  3. I added a hydor pump and the lid is cocked due to the cord. What do you guys do to notch it out for extra cords? I am looking to make it nice....i just dont want to hack out a piece of plastic...
  4. Wave Timer - 2 power heads with 'Surge'

    any schematic yet...? I would love to try this....!!!!!!!!!
  5. whats the best goby/shrimp combo?

    I want to add a goby and a pistol shrimp pair to my 24G. What is the easiest to pair up? how about colorful? any recommendations?
  6. I just got a JBJ 24G Nanocube DX with 72W total light....What corals/anenomes can I keep with that much light? I figure the total gallons is like 20 so that gives me 3.6W per gallon.... I does seem very bright...I would like to keep a hammer coral, and a bulb tip anenome for my clown...I know soft corals, mushrooms should be ok.... any thoughts from the experts? thanks