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  1. Click on the image for more information. This is a traditional old style swap, if you bring something you go home with something.
  2. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Belated Birthday Nano Reef
  3. I thought about it, but I have a few sponges that look like big white cotton balls. This looks a lot more sparse and filamentous. can sponges look more web-like (I always think of the puffy kind)
  4. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    Right place to post this time. . . I promise! Tank is doing surprisingly well for what it has gone through this month. We experienced a power outage that lasted almost 48 hours while the temperatures were below freezing. The temperature inside dropped all the way to 50 degrees and my tank water dropped to about 60. I put a bubbler in the moment the power went out, but after a period of time I was helpless. Luckily, I lost no fish or corals as a result of the outage. Now a week later everything is still thriving in the tank. What a wonderful feeling. I have been struggling to figure out what the white web-like structures are in my tank for months, so I posted them in the ID forum. That's all for now. Hope everyone's tanks fared as well as mine if your power was out as well.
  5. 7 Months later. . .

    posted in the wrong place . . . ignore my stupidity. I must be tired
  6. This spider-web like growth has been spreading along the undersides and other less lit portions of my live rock. I can't figure out what it is. You can clearly see it on the rock in the foreground it is completely covering the rock under the arch, but out of focus in this picture.
  7. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    Thanks! Me too. I love the coralline in the tank and am looking forward to adding some coral very soon. Time to start shopping around for some nice frags.
  8. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    In the holiday spirit it is about time for an update with some pictures! The tank is doing well and coming up on it's 6-month Anniversary. Temp: 78 Spec. Grav: 1.026 pH 8.2 Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 0ppm The tank now contains two TR Ocellaris Clownfish and one Firefish Goby I am experiencing some white (spiderweb) like connected filaments on my LR that I have never seen before. I tried to get some good shots of it, but it is in an awkward spot. And I think I ended up with a sponge? He was never there before either. It seems like he sprouted without me noticing. My updated filtration system includes: Chamber1: Heater Chamber2: Filter Floss, Nitrate Sponge, Empty Chamber3: Cheato Cheato with coralline growth? with the fuge light on It's growing on the walls too . . .
  9. Hey everyone, I have had my tank up and running for 6 months and am finally ready to get my fuge set up. I am in need of some cheato and all I seem to find locally is grape caulerpa (BAD NEWS) Thanks All!
  10. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    Welcome to my new Firefish Goby. He has been in the tank about a week now and is doing well. There are plenty of knooks, crannies, and caves for him to hide in. He really enjoys swimming in the flow of the powerhead and looking around the tank for food. Temp: 78 Spec. Grav: 1.0235 pH 8.2 Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate <10ppm
  11. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    I got some Dwarf Ceriths, Nassarius, Florida Ceriths, and Nerites. (3-4 of each type). I had a few empty shells amongst my aquarium supplies so I added those to the system as well. Also did a 3 gal water change today.
  12. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    Thanks! That looks like a much better ID. Whew.
  13. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    Uh Oh . . . hitchhiker alert. Can anyone verify an ID on this guy? I'm worried it is Aptasia
  14. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    I know I like seeing picture updates from other people out there so I will amuse the powers at be as well. Right Side Left Side Front Snail-based clean up crew added. They seem active in cleaning and searching for hiding places. It is nice to see some mobile living things in the tank (while still not rushing the natural order of things) Temp: 78 pH: 8.2 Sp. Grav: 1.0235 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 20ppm
  15. [Biocube 29] -- Finally "Taking the Dip" Into Saltwater!

    Here we are about 1 month into the experience. Levels: Temp - 79°F Salinity - 1.024 pH - 8.0 Ammonia - 0.25 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Nitrate - 20 ppm No fish, No CUC, Added Korialia 1 facing front wall of the tank. This is progress. More to come very soon I hope.