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  1. Yeah if you factor in how many don't survive from shipping, chitons are pricier than you think.
  2. These chitons have been in my tank for at least 6 months. Notice how they lose their fuzziness and how bare the rockwork is. My tang loves to eat the stuff growing on the chitons.
  3. I don't know about maximum amount of chitons but they move so slowly and work so diligently in small patches that I need a bunch of them to cover all my rock. Most of the time they stay isolated on my rock structures since they do not go on the sand at all (unless they die). I hate it when my other snails like to just eat algae on the glass that I can already clean myself with a magnet cleaner. You don't want to place chitons on the glass (i.e. the back wall) because I notice they will eventually climb up out of the water and die. Once in a while a chiton does somehow hitchhike onto a conch's shell and gets stuck sand surfing on the shell for days. You can tell which conch because his shell is super white and clean lol.
  4. The ones that John sells are not very small. The smallest ones I have are almost 1" and the largest ones I have are as big as my fighting conchs. I have never had bryopsis but they mowed down huge areas of red turf algae, hair algae, diatoms, and weird brown fuzzy algae. They make my clam's shell look brand new lol.
  5. I think I buy chitons every few months from John. I'm trying to build a vast chiton army in my tank since they seem most effective at getting rid of everything. The problem is that in my experience they are notoriously poor shippers. You can only order 8 max at a time, and in my batch of 10+ chiton orders I usually have about 50% mortality rate. I still order them because John has cornered the market on chitons. Because they require expedited shipping, these are the most expensive cleanup crew items I have in my tank (probably more expensive than my fighting conchs). Well I want to say John congratulations on your last shipping attempt. For the first time ever I got a 0% mortality rate. All 8 chitons are busy moseying along my rockwork.
  6. FTS

    What kind of gorgonian is the one on the right next to the fiji leather?
  7. Wow great!
  8. Wow very nice!
  9. lol awesome
  10. My lights are really blue (T5, 3 blue plus, 1 purple plus)
  11. I think this is an excellent photo! It's more difficult to take a great top down pic, in fact I only see two top down plate coral shots in this contest!
  12. Awesome.
  13. I have so many plate corals, I didn't know which photo to pick!
  14. Beautiful and healthy!
  15. Great colors.