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    Live Rock Curing

    hey folks I have about 100 pounds of dead rock that has been sitting in a trash can in my shed from my old 90g reef Im interested in completely curing this rock sense I have no use for it at the moment but will be starting a larger tank in the next year. Im wondering if i can leave my rock out in the sun doing frequent water changes(probably about once a week) for a couple of months and if this will allow coraline to cover my rock again. if this is not the right method for doing this please point me in the right direction. Thanks Jordy
  2. Jjordy

    candy coral

    cannon t2id white candy coral under 300mh wats 200t5 actinic watts for a total of 516 watts over 90gallons
  3. Jjordy


    cannon t2id first really good pic i have gotten let me know what you think this was actually taken in my 90g tub but i also have a 20l i will be adding more photos soon with this new camera
  4. Jjordy

    Aquavitro Salinity vs Tropic marin

    i just bought it for the first time looking forward to using it my lfs guy said it takes a day to clear up though so mix it overnight anyone else had problems with this?
  5. i want to have my ro runoff going into my garden if im going to be watering the garden with the hose anyways i dont see how this could be any different if not better does anyone know if this is a good idea or if this water is concentrated with things my garden wont like?
  6. Jjordy

    Aquavitro Salinity vs Tropic marin

    i am currently in the same delimma as you i also am about to try this aquavitro salt. i have been using instant ocean but am going go give this a try my lfs speaks very highly of all there products. i have used there reef buffer and ph buffer and am happy with both. I will let you know how the salt does in 90g and 29g biocube
  7. Jjordy

    sump info/question

    careful putting carbon in the filterbag coming from your drainline that can lead to carbon in your sump if the flow makes it leak out if u have the money id get a phos reactor their cheap and u can put carbon and gfo in the chamber to take care of that chemical filtration.
  8. Jjordy


    Help!!! i woke up yesterday morning and my pulsing xenias looked terrible everything else looks fine although my bubble tip seems like he might be noticing something. so i tested and everything is normal except my no3's are through the roof. I did a water change and they are still very high. im pretty new to this but i did change my filter media about a week ago a buddy said this could be the cause. Im just trying to find out if changing the filter media is what made these shoot up and if that is what is possibly affecting my xenia my setup is the following 29 bc remora protein skimmer current metal halide light
  9. Jjordy

    Bubble Tip Food

    Hi guys new to the forums sorry if theres already a topic on this. I recently purchased a bubbletip anenome he is doing really well and my mated golden maroons have already paired up with him im curious if it is better to feed him 1 cut up piece of raw shrimp every 2 to 3 days or once a week I am totally new to aquariums and am learning as i go i have fed him twice sense i got him about a week ago he is doing really well hes very responsive to the light change and the fish sleep inside while hes closed up as far as I can tell hes in perfect condition. will post pictures when i get a better camera.