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  1. stand ideas? 40b specific

    I see your points. but I was going to build the platform. put the shallow tote (found at lowes) on the platform. then 20l in the tote. all this was to kinda help save the carpet in our rental property. what say you?
  2. stand ideas? 40b specific

    I was more or less thinking how I could waterproof it in case of flooding. maybe find a tote that the 20l could fit in? stupid? the HFH was also a good idea.
  3. stand ideas? 40b specific

    that stand looks pretty decent actually. I wonder if my local petco has one in stock. so I can see it in person. hardest part would be the sump.
  4. stand ideas? 40b specific

    looks like im just going to have to do it myself. my local aquarium club is pretty much nonexistent. carpenters want too much. the cabinet idea is cool but the bottom of most of them are recessed in.
  5. stand ideas? 40b specific

    sump is going underneath. I have a 20long.
  6. other than the regular diy plans out there, are there any newer ideas towards stands? for my 40b i tried the metal rack system that you can get from lowes (edsal?) but I had to break my tank down for a while and now they're all rusted. I was looking at those kitchen carts but was wondering if there was anything cheaper. I am perfectly capable of diy but now I live in an apartment with a 1 yr old and no real tools. any suggestions?
  7. Definitely panorama. With montis along the drop to add drama. Definitely a zoa garden down low. And sps assortment along the top
  8. Fish id

    Why are they so many fish with this same name. It makes it hard to find the one I want.
  9. Fish id

    I know!
  10. Fish id

    Thanks everyone for the help. I absolutely love that fish. The first tang that I said I love. Lol. I got to find out more about it
  11. Fish id

    Anyone know the tangs at 2:04
  12. Thanks! It is the galvanized piping that can be found at Home Depot and Lowes. _________________________ Oh cool. How did you fasten it to the stand?
  13. Looks great! How did you make the light bar for the hybrid? I need to make one for my powermodule
  14. T5HO Information

  15. T5HO Information

    but on marine depot the giesemann is 24in but 39w..... should i assume this is a typo http://www.marinedepot.com/Giesemann_PowerChrome_Super_Purple_T5HO_Fluorescent_Bulb_T5_High_Output_Fluorescent_Light_Bulbs_for_Aquariums-Giesemann_Aquaristic-CV02727-FILTBUT5HO-vi.html