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  1. Feedback for flsvedlund

    excellent corals! really healthy and opened up the very next night they went into the tank!
  2. Do!Aqua 20C pico reef (2 gallons)

  3. Do!Aqua 20C pico reef (2 gallons)

    Thanks! I got the live rock from a friend's tank that's been running for years plus water right from his tank so it was like instant cycle. Thanks! I got the tank from aqua forest, I live like 2 blocks away so I walked there haha
  4. Do!Aqua 20C pico reef (2 gallons)

    Ok update! I've added a sack of chemipure elite to the filter and fitted a JBJ auto top off to the tank. I've also added some corals and a trio of sexy shrimp coral list: Rasta zoas Red Hornet zoas Captain america zoas blue ricordia green people eaters and... that's the only ones whose names I know Anyways, more pictures!
  5. Hi, I was hoping someone here has some Red Hornets that they could sell me? like, 2 polyps. I'm in San Francisco but can travel. thanks!
  6. Hey all, I have a wet dry filter for sale, asking $100 obo. Not sure of the name brand, can be used with external pump or internal pump. I have a phosban150 reactor, needs new sponge thingies, $15 Also have a ebay brand (like bubble magnus) dosing pump - $100 ( I can ship this one for $12- med. flat rate priority)
  7. Do!Aqua 20C pico reef (2 gallons)

    Hi All, I got out of reefing for a while and went back to planted tanks, but I guess once your bit by the bug you can never escape. I just set this up yesterday, a friend gave me water, liverock and some zoas and mushrooms. Hopefully it won't go through too bad of a cycle. I'm running an aquaclear30 with purigen and the sponge insert. I plan to remove the sponge and just run purigen and maybe a bag of chemipure-elite. Light is a no name PAR38, with 2 neutral white and 3 royal blues. I'm thinking I might just do a bunch of nice zoas and maybe acans. No fish, but I'll probably put 5-6 sexy shrimp in. Here are some quick iphone shots, I'll take some nicer ones once the water clears up Thanks for looking!
  8. I have a 2g pico tank that I just set up, and I want to try to run chemipure elite on it. I read on marinedepot that it comes in little baggies that you stick into the filter/sump. It says 1 unit is good for 40 gal, if I use 1 unit for a 2 gal, is it going to have any adverse affects? I know when I was running GFO in a reactor that it would drop my alk. with the quickness so I don't want to put a tiny 2 gal through that as it'd probably be super hard to maintain stability. Thanks for any help!
  9. has anyone tried SPS in a pico?

    Mike, that would be awesome if you could post that. I think I'm going to go for it, try a small frag and see how it goes.
  10. has anyone tried SPS in a pico?

    I'd be using a aquaclear30, so flow shouldn't be an issue. Guess I'll stick with zoas and softies, maybe i'll try a frag and see how that goes
  11. has anyone tried SPS in a pico?

    I'm going to be setting up a 2.5 gallon cube (Do! Aqua 20C) and I was thinking of setting up a simple scape with 1 large SPS colony, like a acro colony or something. Has anyone heard of anyone doing this? I was only going to keep sexy shrimp maybe, no fish.
  12. pico reef w/ minimal live rock

    So I thought I was done w/ reefing but you know how it is, as soon as I sold off all my reef equipment to go back to planted tanks, I wanted to start a reef again... I'm going to be setting up an ADA 20C w/ an aquaclear 50 for filtration. The tank is about 2.5 gallons w/ the filter. The scape I have in mind will have very very minimal live rock, and will be SPS dominated, I can do daily waterchanges, or at least a few times a week so I probably won't run a skimmer, although a mame style skimmer isn't out of the question. 1 very small goby and some sexy shrimp will be all the non corals in the tank. How feasible would it be to have very little liverock in the display tank? maybe 1 lb or so. Is there anything I could throw into the filter? I use purigen in my planted tanks, would this work for a reef too? What about biopellets? Thanks for the help everyone!
  13. FS: AI SOL blue and controller

    Price is firm.
  14. FS: AI SOL blue and controller

    No sorry it's the white one.
  15. FS: AI SOL blue and controller

    Will ship it for 15 bucks. (probably have to use a large priority box)