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  1. Apex Accessories

    All gone
  2. Apex Accessories

    PM1 and VDM sold
  3. Apex Accessories

    Recently bought a "fully loaded" Apex and dont need some of the components that came with it. Modules are all in like new condition. Prices include shipping. Apex VDM Module - $75 Apex PM1 w/used Ph + temp probes - $65 Neptune Break Out Box w/2 float switches - $30
  4. FS- MP10W-ES

  5. FS- MP10W-ES

    Manufacturing Date: November 29, 2011. Brand new wetside just came in the mail today. Have all original packaging and unit is in impeccable shape. I can post pictures of it later when I get home, but if you're interested I'm sure you know what they look like. $225
  6. Wow, that was definitely more difficult than I was hoping for! Haha. Either way, awesome job! Looking forward to some pics over the tank, what's your opinion of the new "look"?
  7. Def following along on this one. I've been thinking about trying this for a while now. Good luck and take plenty of pics for us not so LED savvy.
  8. WTT: Mp40w for 2 Mp10

    My offer still stands
  9. Custom Look CadLights 50Long

    They should be embarrassed to send you that overflow cover, let alone charge you $20 for it. Nice tank though, corner overflows are much better IMO.
  10. Wtb:aqua illumination sol blue

    I have two + controller for sale.
  11. 2 x AI Sol Super Blue w/Controller

    Pleasure on my end as well, thanks Dustin. Good luck with the new light, they are sweet.
  12. 2 x AI Sol Super Blue w/Controller

    Not looking to part out.
  13. Two AI's with controller and extra set of four 70* lenses. Lights were bought in October 2011, and are basically brand new. Asking $800 for everything.