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  1. Tanks like this make me miss my MH with Phoenix bulb. My LED's (Ai Sol) just wash a lot of the color out, seriously considering switching back to MH....
  2. Sweet! LED's?
  3. Great color! T5's?
  4. Sweet, so tempted to try a flame angel myself. Any issues with him nipping?
  5. Very nice
  6. Where did you find that? I really want one!
  7. That is one awesome piece
  8. I never started a build thread, wish I did. I'm in the process of a tank upgrade, so I'm sure I'll start one for the new one.
  9. Thanks. Still running 150w Sunpod w/Phoenix 14k. Mods: cut tab, removed stock filter, cheato in chamber two with a submersible led, upgraded return pump to rio 6th, hydor flo deflector on return.
  10. How do you sex the shrimp?
  11. Awesome sexy's. I just got two of them for my tank, interesting little inverts. I think I might have to get more. Mine are really shy at this point though (bought them 3 days ago). How long did you have them before they started coming out into the open like that. Are those maxi's?
  12. Looks familiar... My scape is very similar, works great but the cave can sometimes feel like a waste of space.