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  1. FS: Nanobox Duo

  2. FS: Nanobox Duo

    I was previously using it with the bluefish so yes it will work with it.
  3. FS: Nanobox Duo

    Yes should work perfectly with the storm
  4. FS: Nanobox Duo

    Yea didnt notice that glare till now but its a duo with two pucks, i posted a picture of each individual puck.
  5. FS: Nanobox Duo

    Selling my Nano-Box Duo, i parted out my build so i have no use for it. Light is about 1 year old and was being used with a bluefish controller but that has already been sold, light works great and gives off a great amount of light for its size. about a week before i took down my tank i noticed the fan was not spinning but not sure why maybe power supply the unit was still cool to the touch and never had any issues. Also this unit does not come with the lime led just a cyan in the center. asking $180 Shipped. SOLD.
  6. up north in the Miami lakes area off the palmetto and 67th
  7. everything in red is sold, taking offers on everything else, thanks
  8. Chiller sold. Anyone still interested make some offers need to get this stuff sold
  9. I have had no local takers. so i will do a complete Part out. have some offers on the the chiller and ATO but everything is still up for sale.
  10. updated with pictures of Chiller.. if by friday afternoon i have no local takers i will begin parting out on Saturday on a first come basis. Thanks
  11. Hello looking to sell my current Nuvo 8 Setup, the system is still up and running only thing left inside is the live rock, and cleanup crew. the following hardware is for sale with the system. IM Nuvo 8 $70 Torino Floor Cabinet Stand $40 Nano Box DUO 6/14 Model with Cyan Led in center $220 BlueFish Controller- SOLD Hydor Smart Level ATO with Tom Aqualifter-SOLD Current 1/15 Hp Chiller-SOLD 14k Black Skkye light $35 InTank Media Basket $25 Asking $550 OBO for the whole set up with local pickup in Miami only. All prices are OBO and less shipping. Purchaser must pay shipping. Everything is in good working order, in the past week the fan on the Nanobox has stopped spinning but have had no adverse effects and is still running cool to the touch. Any questions feel free to message me. Belowe are some pictures taken of the setup today will post pictures of the chiller tonight. Thanks
  12. Hi guys i'm selling a White AI Nano with the AI knob controller, Tank mounting bracket and all cables and mounting hardware. the light is in good condition and works perfectly with no issue, the knob Controller also works but has some issue with the display not showing part of the screen and the knob some times skips back and forth between selections when scrolling as you can see in the video bellow. im selling because ive upgraded NanoBox. Asking $150 shipped Also have a 14k Black Skkye light that came with my Nuvo 8G and was used for less then a week. Asking $40 shipped. If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM. Video 1 -&- Video 2