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  1. Wozzles NC12

    New additions over the last month Also have some rics, clove polyps and more zoas but my photography skills are quite poor to say the least and these are the best I have
  2. 6g nano cube led light suggestions

    When I was considering the 6g nanocube found a thread suggesting this http://www.rapidled.com/07-led-plug-n-play-retrofit-kit/ I didnt go with the 6 so I have no real life experience with this kit unfortunately
  3. Amphipod?

    Thanks, thats what I thought but I just figured I'd ask some more knowledgable folks
  4. Amphipod?

    I've noticed several of these moving about my tank today and after a quick search I think they are amphipods. a) Is this right? They're a good thing to have? Thanks P.S Sorry for the huge pic but I thought it'd help see the bug Oh I should mention its body is mostly clear with a grey-ish back
  5. Wozzles NC12

    Reefcleaners order is in! Blue leg hermit (which I didnt even order - think it stole a florida cerith shell and snuck into my box!) My current red leg thinking I gave him a buffet Snails! Everything arrived great, despite the heat. The remaining 5 florida ceriths haven't moved yet but its only been 1hr and the lights are on, 3 of the 4 nerites found a spot and made a half burrow in the sand, the other is cruising the rockwork and I have no clue where the nassarius have run off to lol. Dwarf ceriths are slowly making their way into all the little crevices in the rock. Highly recommend reefcleaners!
  6. Wozzles NC12

    Ordered a reefcleaners quick crew ... should be here today or tomorrow. Excited to see all those snails crawling around!
  7. The 28 Gallon Itch

    Beautiful! I really like the cabinet/shelves to the left of the tank too
  8. Wozzles NC12

    Haha yeah thats true also it is a pretty coral just wasn't really what I had intended to go with. Was attempting all softies but I guess now that I've started with some lps an acan or 2 and a frogspawn might be in the picture one day =D
  9. Wozzles NC12

    So after my 1 LFS sold me a "GSP" which turned out to be a Galaxea and their main display had fish covered in Ich today (they've previously told me their entire system is plumbed into 2 100G tanks) I'm going to try out some online vendors. Placing an order at reefs2go in about a week (going out of town for 4 days) I'm pretty excited to see how it goes! Looking at a GSP frag and either a mushroom, ric or zoa =D Only going small at first as this will be my first time ordering online!
  10. I use RO/DI however since I moved (now on well water) I'm going through the DI resin like crazy so I'll be trying out distilled water as of next week when my accumulated RO/DI runs out. I'm hoping it works as I think buying the distilled will be cheaper than replacing my resin every 2 months at least.
  11. Aquapod12 softie only!

    This is a beautiful tank I hope someday my future BC14 looks like this
  12. Wozzles NC12

    Thankyou Tennis! You could be right. It was sold to me as a gsp and being the noob I am I accepted that. Looking up Galexea now Edit: After a quick google search and a closer look at my frag I believe you are right. Mine has the green tentacles with a ring of purple ones below it. Thankyou Jacob for the id I had intended to put some mushrooms I was wanting to pick up in 2 weeks next to it now I will just put them a little further away to be safe.
  13. Coralife Biocube 14

    I probably wont have the money for mine until Late June/Early July at the earliest so I'm just playing with my little 10G I setup from old freshwater supplies + a new powerhead and cheap chinese led lights I'm pretty excited to get mine and have been checking all the BC14 and NC12 threads daily LOL! Will definetly be doing the ecoxotic panorama pro upgrade though I may see how my corals go under stock lights for ~6months. I figure I paid for the lights may as well use them and I'm only interested in softies right now with the possible addition of a frogspawn and acans later.
  14. How many times do You go to the LFS

    Once every other week, I only have a 10G and I dont want to fill it up too quick
  15. NC12: diary of an L.A. tank

    No worries I completely understand in that case can you put me 3rd or whatever you're at for the led's