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  1. Selling my Nano cube 24 and every thing you see in the picture for $200, Dont really want to piece stuff out so its only for people who want the whole thing. light is 150 watts has a ballast, two little fishes reactor, every test kit you will need, 1/2 bucket full of salt , bunch of supplements, 2 heaters, RODI unit (little leak but easy fix), Stand and lid and all the stuff you see in the photos (too much for me to list all because im lazy) live in ventura county CA zip code 93010 pic links http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz291/a...pq/IMG_2437.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz291/a...pq/IMG_2436.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz291/a...pq/IMG_2435.jpg http://i837.photobucket.com/albums/zz291/a...pq/IMG_2434.jpg
  2. Dre's new Cube 29G

    WOW your tank is looking wayyy good, i started out my tank kind of like you did but mine hasent had as much luck, just rember that for your size tank you really shouldnt put more than 3 fish and be very carefull about keeping your emrald alive because if he dies he is very hard to find. but any ways very nice and your colors are very cool!!
  3. 29g venomous fish reef

    That lion fish or whatever it is is AWSOME i am kind of doing what your doing except with a puffer fish but if i start up a new tank thats the first fish going in!!!
  4. Sold

    go 25 shipped and im in
  5. (NEW PICS!)aund45pqs nanocube24

    New pics baby!!! whole tank right side left side cool stuff more cool stuff superman monti my saddle puffer strang lethar coral awsome huge new frogspawn smaller awsome frogspawn fishy strange coral my birdsnest loving my tank who diggs it too???
  6. Looking to buy tank 40g-70g

    thx ill have to go see
  7. Tired of my nanocube want somthing bigger so if your looking to get rid of or sell your tank im intersted just tell me the price and how many gallons it is and mostlikely ill take it.
  8. korden AmQuel+ for sale

    Ill take offers, come on pple