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  1. EDIT: Removed sold items. Selling my setup due to life changes. Gotta do what ya gotta do. 2 6" Makers LED heatsinks with clusters on each one. Was over a 20 Long. Also comes with storm controller. About 1.5 years old. 2 x 6" MakersLED Designer Heatsink Kit - Professional Grade - Anodized 3 x Meanwell LDD-700HW LED Driver 1 x 180w 48v 3.75A DC Power Supply 2 x Solderless Ocean Coral White 6 x Solderless CREE XT-E 3UP $165 shipped Pics in link below ALso for sale locally in Orlando, FL https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3nlOoBzwZnHUE1HTzJkSEZTR1E&usp=sharing
  2. Meepduino: 2.0 RELEASED!

    When I plug in the controller, the screen brings up the main screen where it says "Meepduino Created by...." but then the screen goes blank and nothing else pops up. Sometimes it will flash the main screen again than stay blank. Anyone have any ideas? I shortened the wires to the RTC cause I saw someone mention that earlier in the thread but that didnt change anything. Thanks guys!
  3. 10g LED layout question

    As far as optics go, this is going in my bedroom. Should i go with optics to avoid ligh spilling over? It seems optics usually pertain more towards how high or low the light is off the tank but it isnt an issue in my case. Also, i should just run everything at 700ma correct?
  4. 10g LED layout question

    I have thought about the reefbreeders but i LOVE diy so im leaning that route. Evil, If i did two clusters, would 2 3ups and an OCW in each cluster be good? Add a violet to each? I saw in another thread a 6:3:3:1 ratio with rb/nw/tv/ocw. Being a 10, would i need that many violets?
  5. 10g LED layout question

    Hi all. Im starting a 10g and all i need is the light fixture before its up and going. I have been researching like crazy and have a couple questions pertaining to layout. I saw in the "LED layout" thread that it is reccomended to do two clusters of LEDs over a 10g, yet have seen a couple threads suggesting the use of a single cluster. Which of the two would be better? I guess the biggest issue (and my question) is if the single cluster will light the whole tank. And one other question I have: Evil cluster or 3UPs/TV/OCW? Or on a tank this small either "type" will be fine? Thank you LED gurus. Lol
  6. Where you located at? Im interested in cleaner shrimp
  7. Tank sold to perfectcircle. Packing up and shipping out today. Ill let the stand go for 85 shipped The light for 70 shipped
  8. Vortec mp10 is it worth it ?

    Damn, so you got that deal Jordangil... I called a day too late. LOL
  9. Willing to split all three items now.
  10. Really need these sold. Anyone?
  11. No I don't have the lid, it wasn't on there when i got the tank myself. And honestly I'd rather not split the stand and tank. The tank w/o the stand is easier to to find a home for than the stand w/o the tank. Ill only split if its worth it. I don't have a problem splitting the light from them though. Sent you a PM
  12. Ok, I'm gonna update this. Someone thought it was a good idea to leave the garage door open while we been having our usual rain storms lately. The stand i can only assume got wet from the rain bouncing off the ground because the wood has swollen a tiny bit at the top and bottom (look in pics). 60 shipped Also the Sunpod 70w MH is ready to go to. IDK how old the bulb is or what temp it is (forgot to ask when i got the stuff) but I would guess it is 10k or somewhere around there. It is pretty bright white. It has all LED plugs and all LEDs work. One side of one of the legs is broken. The piece that keeps it in the slider broke off. It still fits in the groove though and holds the light fine. Fan works too. 60 shipped
  13. leaving hobby! Lots of stuff for sale!

    Bulbs in light good or need to be replaced?