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  1. well when i was cleaning my top lid (glass) i slipped my fingers and the glass went into my coral rack and sliced my leather coral at the base, before this it was SO happy. i repaired it with glue around the base and i think its going to be okay. i will upload a pic very soon. any tips? thanks guys and have a good new years eve.
  2. joe yazz :D

    Bleaching Problem

    all but one of my acan frags are doing good. and i have the same problem.
  3. joe yazz :D

    problem solved humanely

    do not take this like im being rude. these guys are the example of strongest survive. look it up on good images. http://matthewmeierphoto.photoshelter.com/img/pixel.gif
  4. joe yazz :D

    problem solved humanely

  5. joe yazz :D

    problem solved humanely

    COLD clove oil is one of the fav ways from fish owners. it is compared to lethal injection.
  6. joe yazz :D

    problem solved humanely

    LOLOLOLOLOL i should have put this out there i did feed them to my cat i have seen that. its WAY too slow for me to watch... its like watching someone burn to death
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    Male Clown and His Babies

    my clown fish breed 2.but then i wake up to the sight of mysis shrimp eating them. fat mandarin does do its job.
  8. joe yazz :D

    First Spawn!

    and then Jesus said. let there be clown fish.
  9. joe yazz :D

    problem solved humanely

    my 3 chromis fish have been a problem for some time. they pick on my obese Mandarin. they steal food from my corals. they beat my kids savagely (joking). i am VERY ANTI killing. but i know when enough is enough. during the night i caught 2 of those little monsters. put them in a bucket of saltwater (with a gallon of saltwater give or take) i had a broken alarm clock so i chopped the wire were it connects the alarm clock to the power outlet. i put the cut wire in the water and plugged it into outlet. i heard buzzing i left it on for 10 seconds and then i shut it off. the fish didn't even move it was so quick. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME! i could have killed myself. but all and all it was the most humane way i have even seen to kill a fish. if you would like to bash me for killing fish i am fine. but im just saying i did it humanely, if i was a terrible trouble maker fish. i would want to die that way.
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    Zoa ID please

    were i'm from they call them hot tamales. as they get pushed around more they can get very popular. and then people lose interest. i would hold on to them
  11. joe yazz :D

    anemone ID?

    icenine thanks so much
  12. joe yazz :D

    anemone ID?

  13. joe yazz :D

    anemone ID?

  14. joe yazz :D

    anemone ID?

    my brother bought it from a LPS it was labeled long tentacle anemone long tentacle anemone. it has been thriving. no problems. my clown fish love it. but i don't think my lighting is good enough. i have 2 tube fluorescent fixture 36". i think the wattage on the bulbs are 30 w each one of them is 10000k and the other is an Actinic Blue Lamp on a Perfecto Fluorescent Double-Bulb Strip Lights. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO ID THE ANEMONE
  15. joe yazz :D

    good selling price!

    i think might to 10 dollars each. when i walk into a store i always look for stuff under 20 dollars and then i buy it like a would a coke, impulsively.