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  1. well when i was cleaning my top lid (glass) i slipped my fingers and the glass went into my coral rack and sliced my leather coral at the base, before this it was SO happy. i repaired it with glue around the base and i think its going to be okay. i will upload a pic very soon. any tips? thanks guys and have a good new years eve.
  2. Bleaching Problem

    all but one of my acan frags are doing good. and i have the same problem.
  3. problem solved humanely

    do not take this like im being rude. these guys are the example of strongest survive. look it up on good images. http://matthewmeierphoto.photoshelter.com/img/pixel.gif
  4. problem solved humanely

  5. problem solved humanely

    COLD clove oil is one of the fav ways from fish owners. it is compared to lethal injection.
  6. problem solved humanely

    LOLOLOLOLOL i should have put this out there i did feed them to my cat i have seen that. its WAY too slow for me to watch... its like watching someone burn to death
  7. Male Clown and His Babies

    my clown fish breed 2.but then i wake up to the sight of mysis shrimp eating them. fat mandarin does do its job.
  8. First Spawn!

    and then Jesus said. let there be clown fish.
  9. problem solved humanely

    my 3 chromis fish have been a problem for some time. they pick on my obese Mandarin. they steal food from my corals. they beat my kids savagely (joking). i am VERY ANTI killing. but i know when enough is enough. during the night i caught 2 of those little monsters. put them in a bucket of saltwater (with a gallon of saltwater give or take) i had a broken alarm clock so i chopped the wire were it connects the alarm clock to the power outlet. i put the cut wire in the water and plugged it into outlet. i heard buzzing i left it on for 10 seconds and then i shut it off. the fish didn't even move it was so quick. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME! i could have killed myself. but all and all it was the most humane way i have even seen to kill a fish. if you would like to bash me for killing fish i am fine. but im just saying i did it humanely, if i was a terrible trouble maker fish. i would want to die that way.
  10. Zoa ID please

    were i'm from they call them hot tamales. as they get pushed around more they can get very popular. and then people lose interest. i would hold on to them
  11. anemone ID?

    icenine thanks so much
  12. anemone ID?

  13. anemone ID?

  14. anemone ID?

    my brother bought it from a LPS it was labeled long tentacle anemone long tentacle anemone. it has been thriving. no problems. my clown fish love it. but i don't think my lighting is good enough. i have 2 tube fluorescent fixture 36". i think the wattage on the bulbs are 30 w each one of them is 10000k and the other is an Actinic Blue Lamp on a Perfecto Fluorescent Double-Bulb Strip Lights. WATCH THIS VIDEO TO ID THE ANEMONE
  15. good selling price!

    i think might to 10 dollars each. when i walk into a store i always look for stuff under 20 dollars and then i buy it like a would a coke, impulsively.