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  1. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Thanks Hype - hope you've been doing well. I'll have to catch up on your thread. Still enjoying the hobby although my time is severely limited due to my new company's recent uptick in work. Can't complain though. Hopefully I'll be able to invest more time in the tank now that it is in my home office! We stayed at the Westin on Denarau Island. We also went the middle two weeks of October. Congrats - there is nothing better in the world than honeymooning in Fiji. I'd love to tell you more about the things we did and recommend a few places if you'd like. We spent one night on Octopus Resort in the Yasawas - would love to go to the Blue Lagoon for a few days next time I am there. We did the sea spray sailing adventure and although it rained miserably the first hour it was one of the most enjoyable times we had. met lots of other people and got to snorkel for about two hours on Monoriki, which is the island that the movie Castaway was filmed on. Best wishes to you and your fiance, D
  2. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Hello everyone, Been MIA for a while. I sold a LOT of my livestock out of the 20L back in the first of the year and have moved about two weeks ago. Amazingly I still have a ton of coral. The move went really well although my large green digitata broke into a number of pieces and STN'ed significantly (can see in the video that it has recovered and what remains should be sufficient to grow back). The euphyllia in the tank (the only thing I refused to sell as my intention was actually to do a fully genus specific tank) are super, super happy. Enjoy the video - hope everyone here is doing well. Also - the controller is still original and the tank was nearly 2.5 years old when I moved it. The rocks had not been moved in that length of time. Moving it took a full day and was immensely stressful. I had a 6 page bullet-ed list I followed to a tee and it went surprisingly well. Best wishes, D
  3. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Updated FTS from just a few moments ago. Really, really getting old! You can see where I normally scrape the glass continually breaks off the birdsnest but it is getting so thick at those points now that I am moving the entire rock when I clean the glass, so I'm having to use a razor blade on a a small skewer. Not sure how long that will last! Went to Fiji on my honeymoon and snorkeled. Figure you all might recognize a few things!
  4. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Never sold the tank. It lived through the trip to Fiji without issue. Hoping to clean up some of the algae and trip some of the corals. Everything is now touching the front glass!!! Will try and get pictures ASAP. Hope all is well.
  5. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    All, I am traveling for 2 weeks next month and am considering selling my entire reef system. The build has been well documented in this thread. All livestock would go with the tank as well as supplements, and lots of extra goodies. I apologize for the cyano bacteria problems but here's a picture from today. The lights just came on so everything isn't quite awake yet: This tank is over two years old now. PM me offers. Please, please, do not insult me and send me low ball offers. I have invested thousands of dollars in this setup and I would rather give the coral away and keep the hardware than sell it all for something silly like $500. Thanks, D
  6. 75g FOWLR - Orange spot filefish castle

    When it had all the other fish in it or now that is just has the lion? This tank is for sale, everyone. I also may be selling some livestock from my nano-reef, which has SPS trying to grow out of the water now. It is now two years old. Here's the link to the 75g sale. $500 and you get one hell of a setup! 75g Sale Thread
  7. 75g FOWLR - Orange spot filefish castle

    The tank is still running (I just removed all the fish and sold them back in November...didn't actually take it down). It's been up for a year this month. There is a single lionfish in there now. I got him really small and he has grown super fast. I'm going to be taking him back to the LFS in a couple of weeks it looks like. I may sell the tank at that point. I love the reef but my time is severely limited with work and this hobby makes things difficult sometimes. Best, Dustin
  8. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Well things are still kicking along in the reef. The cyano is still pretty bad and I am afraid to really do anything major since all of the inhabitants are so happy and all the coral is still just exploding with growth. Calcium is impossible to keep up with, so I don't. Anyway, hope everyone here is doing well. Finishing school (read that as becoming a real person with a real job) really limits my time.
  9. Steely185's rimless 75 edge

    The tank looks great Dan. It is really starting to fill out nicely. I love your fish selection....LOVE.
  10. Hypes Archipelago

    I have silently followed your thread for a while. Your tank is really beautiful, man. Not to kiss too much ass in your thread but you really are a great photographer man. Really great shots in this thread.
  11. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Thanks man, your nem is doing really well! It's got brilliant color. Thanks E. I really appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately the 75g is now sitting stagnant. The rocks, sand, and CUC are still in there kicking but I sold all the fish as well as the MP40. In HIGHLY RELATED news. I'm now engaged. Lauren and I are looking to move in the next few weeks and this tank will be set back up again as a very low overhead tank. I'm scrapping all the equipment except heaters and doing a closed loop with the overflow box. It will house a single medium bodied lionfish and that's it. Just lots of macro algaes and a lion! The reef will remain in tact. A big reason I did the tear down was travel with work (graduated in December!) and moving will be much less of a hassle with just one tank to really have to worry about. Thanks nib...much appreciated. Thanks for swinging through! Thank you very much. It's a real pleasure to watch. Thanks Jay. I do still do small water changes. I change about 10 gallons total over the course of a week now. I'll just do a 1g pitcher every other hour or so on Saturday and then again on Wednesday while I have some time. The tank loves it. I dose nothing. I only feed and do water changes with Reef Crystals. Thanks! Thank you very much. My SPS are exploding now and it's really wild to see them interact. -------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks again everyone. Once Lauren and I move I will plan on building a large aquarium in my office depending on where that office is. I'm having to push off my big plywood tank for a few years until we end up somewhere more permanent. All still in my plan though!
  12. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    I am still waiting to move. I sold all of the fish out of my FOWLR to locals. The clownfish and hawkfish pair went to Doni at Doni's Reef. Hopefully she can work some magic! Here's the last picture I have **I know that's a PBT in a 75g, he was rescued from a 40B here in town and kept for about 4 months before being shipped off. He was the first to be selected because he was huge, immaculate, and I will always regret getting rid of him** The reef still lives! I finally finished graduate school in December and now I'm working like a dog...but all good things and I will certainly share the product with everyone here as soon as we are ready to go national. It's not aquarium related but it's still pretty cool. Anyways, I feed too much because I love my fish and I only have been changing the water bi-weekly so that's the cause of some cyano. I also forgot to clean the glass...sorry! Great growth on this monti too: Still favorite: Again, should have cleaned the glass!!
  13. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Yeah I would do just that but my tank is a custom rimless tank...so I can't just get a new setup ready to rock beforehand. I think I'll sell a few of the non-paired fish in the 75g and then I could keep them all in the 40B with everything until I had time to fix the 20L. I could use that money for a nice new skimmer and maybe an MP10. We'll have to see what I end up going with I just really hate the idea of losing ANYTHING! Thanks for the input
  14. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Only about 30 minutes but my concern is that if I move the tank at all I want to incorporate the sump, which will require me to drill the actual aquarium. My only other thoughts were to setup my 40B at the new house with about 30gallons of fresh water (matched, obviously) and move all the inhabitants to that tank early in the morning (like 7AM). Then go back to the current house and tear down all the hardware, clean everything that needs to be re-used, replace the heater, etc. Drill the tank and set everything back up...hopefully have it all done in a day. Also, I'd have to keep a LOT of fish in that 40B because I also have my 75g tank. I still don't have the details on the move yet and I am not sure how long I will have the overlap in houses, if at all.
  15. 20xL mixed rimless - SELLING?

    Thank you for such kind remarks! I really appreciate it. Unfortunately it looks like I am going to be moving in January after all. I am already dreading what I am going to do with the aquarium!! I want to keep everything but I am also very afraid that the system would 'crash' to some extent with such a substantial move. If anyone locally is interested in taking all the livestock, or the entire system at a fair price just shoot me a PM and we can discuss it further. I believe I'll end up adding a sump during the move for this tank and a different skimmer. I would really hate to start over but I fear losing my coral to stress more. Any thoughts on this?