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  1. Urbanek's ADA Trio

    Every thought of putting a frosted film on the back side to better disburse the backlight? I've seen that before on some planted tanks.
  2. HighCurrent's 14g SPS Forest and Zoa Garden

    Wow thanks for sharing! Great looking tank and scape. I've been contemplating the P14 as well, as i'm looking to downsize a bit from my IM20
  3. IM Fusion 20 Peninsula build

  4. New IM peninsula systems, anyone seen them?

    I was super interested in the Drop-off Tank from IM, but after hearing the bowing issues and now that they are adding braces to some of them which makes things inconsistent, I started to look at the peninsula tank. I'm planning for the future, so no rush here, but these look nice. I hear the complains about IM though that others have mentioned in regards to their proprietary chamber design etc. which i did agree on, but I am not in need of a skimmer, so that isn't a big issue for me. Hopefully someone can chime in that owns one soon!
  5. The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    I wonder if they will be doing the bracing to all the aquariums from here on out. I'm sketched out by some people getting replacements, some not with IM saying "it's perfectly normal" and now braces on only some of the tanks?
  6. New IM Dropoff Build

    Did IM say what the bowing was from that won't affect the replacement tanks? It would be nice to know if certain batches are affected or not or if it was a problem with manufacturing that is sorted
  7. I could kiss you right now! I will read that link after work. I think some of it was the fact I had it sitting at the bottom of my ATO reservoir, it's now "suspended" in the reservoir. However, it is only slightly quieter. Maybe I have a defective unit? I mean it works at what it is supposed to do - just loudly!
  8. The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    Thanks so much for posting the photos gena! From all my readings on acrylic tanks this is completely normal (although i'm the opposite of an expert here!) That's not as bad as some people made it seem anyways.. Well i've had 2 IM tanks, and they never steered me wrong. Glass would be a nice option. Do you do anything special for wiping down the outside of the tank? I always use a microfibre cloth for my glass tank, but never really thought about Acrylic before this tank came about
  9. Hydor smart level

    The Hydor ATO is very good; I actually disabled the alarm (not recommended) as my wavemaker caused it to go off regularly. What I really enjoyed about that ATO is you can use your own pump. I am crazy about quieting my tank down so I used an Aqualifter pump. Those things are dead quiet. Worked well for the year I kept it. I later decided to try the AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro and it is the best I have tried to date when it comes to stability and size. The only downside right now is that when it fills it is quite loud.
  10. I love this ATO. I've had ELOS, Hydor and now this, and all performed well, but this seems to keep the aquarium the most stable which is great. What I don't like however is the power of the pump! It is very loud whenever filling the tank up with ATO water, and would like to see if there is any way to quiet it down? Anyone have ideas or suggestions?
  11. The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    Hi Gena, Love the drop-off! I'm looking at a new nano and this tank definitely speaks to me! I know you mentioned you can see some bowing (which is normal for acrylic) but how bad is it? Is t noticeable to the point of it getting under your skin, or more of a "I have to look for it" thing? Could you provide some pics of it to show us like top down showing the front pane?
  12. Yay a new tank! What plans for flow besides the return pumps?
  13. Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    Nice! God choice on the light too
  14. Aquaforest

    Have you tested the freshly mixed salt water just to see what that reads at?
  15. Kessil a80 vs Kessil a160we

    Hah, spoke too soon. My urge of holiday shopping got the better of me, so I decided to place an order for 2 of the a80's. I'm going to try them out and see how i like them. If they don't work out i'll keep them as back-ups or for a QT tank, or sell them. I'll keep my progress updated, but they probably won't be delivered until closer to or after Christmas.