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  1. fishfrau

    You named your critter WHAT?!

    The guy in my avitar is Goby Bryant, named so because he acts like such a bad boy.
  2. fishfrau

    I killed my fishes :(

    Don't give up, Lizardking. You've learned a big lesson the hard way, but you've also been given a lot of good advice. The most important is patience. Baby steps. One thing at a time. The first thing you should do now is nothing except water changes for a while (and of course feed what is still left). And use RO or distilled water with your salt mix. I struggled until I started buying RO from my lfs. I was ready to give up. Once I changed to RO, it was a gradual improvement, (don't expect big changes immediately) but I now have two thriving reef tanks. And by thriving, I mean, my corals in both my BC 29 and 120G have gotten so big, there is no more room and I beg my friends and son to take home pieces for their own tanks. And my fish are healthy and colorful, and I even have three pair of breeding clowns. You will get there, but not overnight. Good luck.
  3. fishfrau

    Electric Current in Water - Corals look bad

    That article on reefs built using electricity is very interesting. They create super corals!! Unfortunately, the electricity didn't make my corals super - except super pissed.
  4. fishfrau

    How old are you?

    I didn't have time to look at every response, but I think I'm the "oldest' to respond. I'll be 58 next month. Had a fowler for about 4 years, but my ex made me give it up when we moved. I started back in the hobby after I got rid of him and bought my own house 8 years ago. My current hubby married me and my hobby.
  5. fishfrau

    Electric Current in Water - Corals look bad

    I find this very interesting, especially since water is such a good conductor of electricity. However, my experience last week seems to support that. BTW, the rest of my corals seem to be coming back. I think I got lucky and caught it in time.
  6. fishfrau

    Electric Current in Water - Corals look bad

    No, it was a Fluval e300 ViewTech. I searched online and didn't see this same problem, but I did see that people with discus tanks couldn't get them to keep they higher temps they need. Just did. Bought the ViaAqua 350 titanium to replace the bad one.
  7. fishfrau

    Electric Current in Water - Corals look bad

    I have a Jagar for heating my water for water changes and am using it now until I get my new one. It's a bit too long and doesn't fit in the sump very well. I ended up ordering a ViaAqua titanium 350. Heard they are compact, reliable, and indestructible, and it has a separate out-of water controller.
  8. fishfrau

    Electric Current in Water - Corals look bad

    LOL - I showed him this string. He got a good laugh. He is not stupid - he married me (and my hobby). He knew I had already been shocked twice and lived, so he wasn't too worried about it. The way we trouble shot this, he would only need to get shocked once to determine which piece of equipment was leaking current into the water. If this ever happens in the future, we will use the multimeter. BTW, the heater was a Fluval e300 VueTech. I plan to let Fluval know about this, but based on my experience, I doubt I'll ever purchase anything from Fluval again. Can anyone tell me why my corals would be affected, but my fish are all fine? I even have a breeding pair of Clarkies, and their little ones are still attached and look fine (shiny eyes waving in the current and all).
  9. fishfrau

    Electric Current in Water - Corals look bad

    I showed my husband this, and turns out we have a multimeter. I will definitely look into grounding my tank. Thanks !!
  10. fishfrau

    Electric Current in Water - Corals look bad

    Just an update. Mushrooms are looking pretty good. Some polyps looking better also. I think it's a good sign that my tank will bounce back. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  11. Last night, I was about to do a water change in my 120G reef tank when I notice that the corals all looked pissed off, and my anemones were all sucked in. The fish were fine and begging for food. I immediately grabbed my test kits, and when I went for some water from the display tank, I got shocked. I immediately turned off everything, then trouble shot until I was able to determine (by making my husband stick his finger in) the current was coming from the heater located in the sump. After removing it and replacing it with a spare I use for heating water for water changes, I completed my water change. My fish all seem fine, but the corals still seem quite pissed off. I would be interested in hearing if this has happend to anyone else, and what the prognosis is for my corals. I would be heart broken to loose them all. I'm very surprised it didn't affect the fish. Thoughts . . . Comments . . . please.
  12. fishfrau

    Add Panorama Pro LED Module to BioCube

    I switched to Trulumen Pros in my BC29 about 6 months ago. The light is maybe a little too blue, but it really looks nice. I removed the fans and stock lights all together and installed two 12" strips of deepwater blue and two 12" strips of 12,000K diamond whites under the plastic shield for the lights. No problem with heat even with the fans removed. All is growing well (even my green hair algae ( .
  13. fishfrau

    Replace heater with skimmer?

    I wouldn't do that because it's likely your lighting, pump(s) etc are raising the temp and you may need the heater during the time you are not running your lights. It's doubtful that the thermostadt in your heater is that far off. Pull the heater out for an hour or so and test it in a controlled environment. If it's working properly, put it back and trouble shoot by checking each of your other pieces of equipment - one at a time. And BTW, adding a skimmer will not lower your temp. If anything, it may increase it a little as you are introducing another piece of machinery - another possible heat source.
  14. I have mojano's in my tank, and they are very bright neon green, especially in the center. Looks nothing like his pic. Compare to the bubble tip in my avitar.
  15. Looks like a baby green bubble tip to me.