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  1. Nano Box + Bluefish

    This looks amazing, Dave. Sick ass controller.
  2. SOLD Up for grabs is a LESS THAN 1 YEAR OLD, Nano Box Reef DUO LED w/ Storm Controller Upgrade. Will sell this for $320 shipped and paypaled. Here are some shots with it over my tank. The wall mounting brackets (painted black) as well as the hanging kit will come with this. The hanging kit has been shortered (as seen in pics) to accomodate for the wall mounting bracket style. Buying a house in 3 weeks and getting out of the hobby, for now. Other than that, I have been using NANO BOX REEF LED systems for about 4 years now. Always a pleasure to work with Dave, and his work is second to none. Made in the USA BABY!
  3. $235.00 for a mp10

    I'm selling mine for $190 shipped soooooo EFF THAT $235!
  4. BUMP! $190 shipped for Vortech MP10ES.
  5. Replied! Got a few at once, sorry!
  6. I have a Vortech MP10ES (October 21st, 2012) and a Vortech Battery Backup, up for grabs in Charlotte, NC. Asking price is $290 for both ($190 for pump, $100 for battery if being separated). Everything still works like a charm! Pump doesnt go above 25% due to it being in a Nuvo 16 gallon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Pump will be cleaned prior to pickup or shipping. ****BATTERY BACKUP IS SOLD! PUMP AVAILABLE FOR $190 SHIPPED****
  7. I've had work performed by im before, and communication...build...and customer service was already A+.