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  1. Cree led for 3ft sps tank

    can i add 60 Degree lens to 48 leds instead of increasing the number of leds i have to rebuild the entire led fixture
  2. Cree led for 3ft sps tank

    ok so 48 leds are not enough for the 3ft tank i have to add 48 leds more so total it will be 96 led fixture
  3. Hi need some help to decide no of leds for 3ft sps tank tank is 50G 36x18x18 current setup 46 leds 8 warm white 23 Royal blue 15 cool white
  4. Stocking 18 G Tank

    will be adding some anemone shrimp main tank will be display macro algae tank
  5. Hi Need help to stock my 18.7G tank (24x12x15) with same size sump (24x12x15) total volume is 37.4G i have 2 Haddon's Green Carpet Anemone and a pair of sabae clown Any fish which don't get caught by carpet anemone ?
  6. I am confused with the T5HO. My tank is 24"x12"x15" are 24w x 2 T5HO enough for my tank or i will need more. I am going to keep Softies , Zoa's , and BTA. i have some pc light from my planted tank but all are 6500k (can i use them along with the T5HO ?) and for the fuge i am going to use 11w 6500k light is it ok ?
  7. DSB query 1.what should be the height of DSB 2.And should i place DSB right after the skimmer or make the last compartment as DSB and middle as return sump partition size 1.intake =4" 2.skimmer=5" 3.DSB=8" (8"x12"x12") 4.return=6"
  8. Ok i will try to make a frag rack in return chamber and try to place coral on DSB also.
  9. Hi I want to convert my 24"x12"15" tank into sump i was going to make it normal 3 partition sump 1.intake&skimmer 2.DSB 3.Return) but i also want frag section in sump help me to design the sump with frag section