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  1. Those ice fires are tricky. Honestly I was surprised it handled the extra day in transit. Should you decide to place an order at some point the future (no rush) please remind me in the check out notes of you loss and I will replace it for you at no charge.
  2. Guys I'm feeling generous today. How about I up the winners pot from $120 to $150?
  3. Free shipping on $99 orders is back!!!

    We just made this deal a little sweeter by adding a DOOR BUSTER! $5 Rasta Zoanthid frags!!! This door buster ends tomorrow morning so hurry, the timer in counting down $5 for 2+ polyps of Rastas!!!
  4. Free shipping on $99 orders is back!!!

    Hey N-R, For 1 week only, place a order of $99 or more and receive free shipping!. Just enter the code freeship99 during checkout. This deal is for coral and invert purchases only and ends on Monday the 23rd. And to sweeten the pot, we have an assortment of coral on sale right now. Here are a few examples... 29% off Space Invader Pectinia's... Frags are 2+ eyes 21% off Tyree L.E. Red Watermelon Chalice's... Frags are 2+ eyes 19% off CR's Electric Myagi Torts... Frags are 3/4"+ Lot's of other farmed goodies on sale as well so hurry while this offer lasts! Thanks for looking, Cultivated Reef
  5. I’m glad I’m not competing lol!
  6. 20% off EVERY coral and invert!!!

    Our $5 Blue Digitata DOOR BUSTER ends tomorrow morning so act fast if you want to take advantage of this great deal. Once that offer ends we will be launching another DOOR BUSTER. This time it will be $5 Sunny Delight Zoas!! In the meantime our 20% off sale continues on all our coral and invertebrates
  7. 20% off EVERY coral and invert!!!

    Hey N-R, We have decided to welcome the month of April by offering a store wide 20% off sale on all our coral and invertebrates! This sale will run for the first week of April and ends Sunday the 8th at midnight. No coupons needed, so come on over and take a look. Affordable $29.99 shipping and free over $199! Below are a few examples of what we have to offer. WYSIWYG Rock Flowers 20% off! Scrambled Eggs 20% off! Magic Mushrooms now just $23.20 ORA Bird Of Paradise now just $29.20 per frag! We have something for everyone so come take a look Thanks, Cultivated Reef
  8. PHEW!!! I'm glad everything made it ok I LOVE your zoos!!! Are those Mary Janes? So I had to do a quick conversion because when I went to school they didn't think the metric system was important lol! That's .63 inches which is a tad shorter then most of the others but it does have some nice secondary branches to help offset that. It was challenging to make every frag exactly the same as I'm sure all of you can appreciate. The panel of judges will take everything into consideration as this contest progresses!
  9. I’m glad you brought this to my attention. I’ll look into this first thing tomorrow and refund your payment accordingly.
  10. One more participant and the winners pot will be a value of $100!!!
  11. Free Frags and Free Shipping offer!

    Hey N-R, We have a fun offer for you! Place an order of $150 or more (fish excluded) and you will receive 3 FREE CORALS!!! On orders of $199 or more we will even pay for the shipping! This deal ends on March 27th at midnight. You will get some say as to what you want. Are you an Acro nut? Then we can send you 3 free acros. Do you love zoanthids and palythoa's? Then let us know and we will send 3 free zoanthid frags. Want a combo of things, then just let us know! All you need to do is write us a note in the check out notes letting us know what you would like. Although we get to decide the exact coral that goes into your box we are more then happy to hear your wish list. Let us know specifically what you want and we may surprise you. But at the very least you will get to decide what types of corals you will get (AKA softies, lps, sps, zoos etc). Also be sure to take advantage of our incredible sale that we have running right now. Here are just a few examples of the current deals... Our new Spaceman Palys now just $29! Frags are 2+polyps. $39.99 Pink Kraks! Frags are 2+ polyps. And lots more on sale so come take advantage of this fun free frag pack offer before time runs out! Thanks for looking, Cultivated Reef